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  1. I got to Bedford Insurance company through Go Compare, they were about the cheapest but not by much. I received all their forms and paid the deposit. I then got a letter saying there was a problem with a licence. I telephoned them and we realised that I had put my wife's date of birth down as mine, they agreed to change it as it had just been an administrative error however there would be £70 to pay as there was a change of circumstances from the original application. I was changing it from them believing she was 56 to 52! Hardly a significant difference. I questioned that and said it was not a big issue I will just take her off the policy - that increased it by £150! I then said as it was within the 14 days I would cancel and take my business elsewhere - that was £90 They are a horrendous company and reflect really badly on Go Compare also NEVER NEVER NEVER use them.
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