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  1. [ATTACH=CONFIG]46945[/ATTACH] I am a complete noob at this so apologies if it has come out in the wrong format!
  2. Thanks for the replies. I got the print out and hadn't touched in - fair cop guv. The fine arrived in the post a couple of weeks ago and I duly paid it. I don't have the time nor the inclination to fight when the rules are clearly stated and I had breached them. The problem is, I have since received an anonymous letter regarding data protection and that FCC have sold my details etc. They also referenced this forum. Very bizarre indeed! Any ideas anyone as to what this is all about???????
  3. Hello all. I was stopped this morning at Moorgate by the ticket inspectors and my details were taken as apparently I had not touched in at my originating station (I had). Essentially they had to report it and I had to sign a form. My question is, should I have been given a copy of that form? I requested a copy but he refused as it is not policy to do so...my argument of "but you could write anything on that after I had left" seemed to fall on deaf ears. I even asked if I could take a photo, but that was denied. I do not think that I will be given a penalty fare (famous last wor
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