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  1. Hi dreamseller,just wondering if you have managed to sort out the Lloyds bank issue?i am facing same issues but on a bit larger scale,it has been now 8 months since I applied for the business loan under the EFG scheme .the worst part was that after 2-3 months they contacted me to say that it was approved,gave me the dates and all of when the money would be available and then asked me to wait a bit more ,I signed some paperwork and was waiting for the money.for my surprise ,after been pushed around for a couple of months, guess what ,after 6 months from the day I applied for the loan ,they contacted me with a ridiculous excuse and said it has been declined .I nearly had an heart attack,i had everything planned because they first confirmed that it was approved ,now,losses ,stress financial issues all because of them.I have contacted them and an appeal was made,goat aletter from them saying they would come back to me within a month to let me know the results of the appeal ,after 2 months,no reply so had to chase it up and guess what ,there been a mistake and your appeal has not gone through,i would need to make another appeal and wait another month or so .It is now 8 months of my life wasted . Got everything ,phone calls ,emais text messages ....need some guidance ,obviously ombudsman first ,but I want to take this as high as I can ,I am looking for a proper solicitor to deal with business and personal matters to face an large bank as LLoyds tsb ....can anyone help me please thanks
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