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  1. I should say NO, but the fact is, Currys took our old fridge away when they delivered this one,and so, through these summer days, of course, we have had to use it- for hygiene and safety reasons - we have children here.! Thanking you for your attention BP
  2. Hi renegade- I paid for it on the 23rd July. After a number of phone calls and a false alarm it arrived on the 28th August and I called them straight away that afternoon and spoke with Darren- [i have his extension]- in customer services -He was totally confused and passed it to Ecommerce dept- - Since then I have not heard from him - called customer services yesterday [Darren on a break!] - ECommerce have left an email stating that the 8cu ft is listed -I was told to go away essentially - I have yet to ask them to explain the fridge gross capacity volume......
  3. Hi, my name is Ben, and I am looking for some help with a consumer issue; I have been having a great deal of problems with Currys, [as I see a few others have]. I wont bore you with the ins and outs, but it transpires- When Currys list their Zanussi fridge freezers, they stipulate that many have a fridge capacity of 11.9cu feet and a freezer capacity of around 4cu ft. Now when I saw this, it had the capacity and price that I wanted so I bought one of these on line- when it eventually arrived [over a month later]; the fridge had only 8cu feet of capacity- you can imagine my annoyance.
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