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  1. Thanks for the reply. No, I didn't move during that time. I may just try and get it paid and request a certificate of satisfaction and hope that they are ok with this.
  2. I've got a CCJ on my credit file from 2012 from my local council. This is for unpaid gym membership fees.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. Can I just change my payments to £1 a month? Or will this cause issues as I have a £20 a month payment plan in place? Thanks
  4. Hi I sent the CCA request to Wescot and have received a letter from Arrow Global saying that the request was passed to them from Wescot on 22nd December (Wescot would have received around the 9th Dec). AG wrote that they acknowledge the request and say they will process the request with the original creditor and reply. PO has been sent back and they also say "all collection activity will be suspended pending provision of the documentation" I have a few questions if you're able to help please?... Is this pretty standard correspondence? How does this affect the timeframe - Is it 12+2 days from when Wescot receive the CCA request or have AG bought themselves more time? I usually make payments to Wescot monthly - shall I stop doing this? Thanks
  5. Brilliant, will be going to the post office tomorrow. Cheers for your advice.
  6. Ok thanks, this is the only debt I am paying to a DCA. I will send the letter asap and await their response and then update this thread. Thanks for your help.
  7. Thanks for your reply. No, I have never sent a CCA request, sorry I'm not very in the know about these things. I have just read up on it though, shall I send that now before thinking about settlement? Thanks
  8. Just to update - court agreed with my defense and the claim was stayed Thanks for your help!
  9. Hope this is posted in the right place... I have a debt that has been with Wescot since 2008. I’ve paid this monthly since the debt being with them but I’ve got some cash to make a settlement offer now. Original balance was around £10k, now down to around £6k. They have said they will only do a partial settlement of £3k but won’t sell on the debt to anyone else or chase me again for this debt. I have a couple of questions: As the debt is old I assume the default is off my credit rating anyway so having partial rather than full settlement won’t make a difference? What is to stop the original creditor, they apparently got agreement for settlement amount from Arrow Global, it was originally an MBNA debt, to chase me again for this? I’d really like to draw a line under this debt and not have it hanging over me each month. Any help much appreciated.
  10. Hi Riz0, thanks so much for replying. Really appreciate your help! The date on the claim form is 30th Sept, and I have acknowledged the claim and my intention to defend online so that is taken care of. I don't recall any letter before action being sent, shall I ask for a copy of this with the CPR 31.14? I will be sending this recorded delivery tomorrow. Thanks again
  11. Hi there Very new here and hoping someone can give me some advice on a claim I've received for a Welcome Finance debt. Particulars The claimant claims the sum of xxxxx being monies due from the defendant Welcome Finance Ltd under a loan agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 which was assigned to the Claimant on xxxxxx. Notice of assignment has been provided to the Defendant. The Defendants loan account number was xxxxx. The defendant has failed to make payments in accordance with the terms of the loan agreement. A default notice has been served pursuant to the Consumer Credit Act 1974 by Welcome Finance Ltd. The claimant has complied, as far as is necessary with the Pre-Action Conduct Practice Direction. Background I took the loan out in 2007, I think I probably stopped paying a year after that. I had lost my job at the time. I have no record or documents relating to this loan now, although I am pretty sure I agreed to PPI and there have been charges added to account. Loan amount was 2k, claim is for over 3k. Having looked at other threads, looks like I need to send a CPR 31.14 - do I send this to MKPD or Welcome? Any other requests that I need to make? I have another week to reply to the claim and I want to defend if I have grounds. Any help much appreciated!
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