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  1. I shall follow your advice! Thanks a lot for everyones help. I'll be back with any updates asap
  2. Thanks for the advice guys. There is my dads car parked on the drive, which is a shared drive. And also the work van (neither are owned by me) out the front of our house. Is it lawful for them to clamp a car without knowing who it belongs to? And If said vehicle was clamped illegally would it be legal for the owners of said vehicles to remove the clamps by use of industrial cutting equipment? I can move them both but if they're not mine why should they be able to clamp them?
  3. Hi all. Around 2 weeks ago I recieved a letter from Jacobs bailiffs due to non payment of council tax 2 and my previous property. I called them promptly and we agreed, over the phone a payment plan of £20 a week. This was to be paid by standing order and I would await confirmation of the payments and the necessary info to set up the payments. I didn't receive any such info and tried to call a couple of times to no avail. I have now recieved the following notice. BROKEN ARRANGEMENT AMOUNT DUE £694. you have not maintained your arrangement to pay 20 every 7 days. Your arrangement is therefore cancelled and WILL NOT be reinstated. If full payment is not received in 4 days a bailiff will attend to recover full payment or remove goods. I had an arrangement around half a year ago with items levyd at my old property. That agreement was fully paid and settled. So am I right thinking there is no current levy in place? No bailiff has attended my new home. I intend to pay what I owe yet cannot without the right info and confirmation of our agreement so how have I broken a contract? Help! I'm desperate and really worried now..
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