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  1. Hi, finally got the report, it says "lowells portfolio" the balance is £466 but the default balance is only for £92 ! Surely that is an unfair charge? 300% more! As they dont specify who it is (i know its 3) do they know i did have an ongoing dispute with them? Seems they took over the debt without knowing the full score!
  2. Hi, My son has had a number of threatening letters regarding a '3 ' phone contract, they(lowells) reckon he owes £446, he said the debt was originally for £90, they have obviously sold it on to 'Lowells'. He has just had a letter saying they will half the bill if he pays it all at once, but I think they will only take it in instalments for the full balance! He is worried it will affect him getting a mortgage, he says 3 did not replace the phone he states was damaged. Any advice? Should he offer to pay the reduced amount in instalments? Cheers
  3. Hi, i have now had a letter from Brian Carter saying that they have passed my details onto another company? How long can this go on for?It feels like harrassment now! Any ideas please?D
  4. Update for you, had letter today from Brian Carter saying the claim has been discontinued !! Thanks for ur help guys !
  5. Hi mate, have you got that in writing? The bit about the phobia ? Other than that are you in a union? You are being responsible by saying you could be putting your client in jeopardy, perhaps this their way of trying to get rid of you.
  6. Andy...I think I love you !! Seriously mate, thanks very much, was really worrying me. I appreciate all your help guys !!
  7. Thanks for that, I am not really sure what I can put in my defence then, I have never done it before, all ideas gratefully received ;0) !!!
  8. Can i cite this in my defence portion of the county court form? Thanks
  9. The phone's screen cracked while it was on a table in the sun, i asked them for a new phone as it was only 2 months old, they said it was my fault as i was in a beer garden when it cracked, i explained i was not drinking and the phone just cracked. They were very obstinate on the phone to me, i explained they had not fulfilled their contract as my phone was under warranty. I refused to pay the bill, they then sent the debt to some other firm i think then these people 'Lowells'
  10. Thank you ! Issue date is 29/8/13 It says; "This claim is for £329.05 the amount due under an agreement between the original creditor and the defendant to provide finance and/or services and/or goods. This debt was assigned to/purchased by lowells finance limited On 31/05/2012 and notice served pursuant of the law of property act 1925 Particulars O2 (uk) Ltd A/C no ............and the claimant claims £329.05 The claimant also claims interest pursuant to S69 county court act 1984 from 31/05/2012 to date at 8% per annum amounting to 32.73 then it says court fees 30.00 solicitors 50.00 Total £441.78 Thanks
  11. Hi, I am having a problem with Lowells, they have started legal action against me, its for £338, they reckon I owe it for an O2 contract from over two years ago. I had a disagreement with O2 as they gave me a duff phone, looks like they sold the debt but how do I know its kosha ? I now have to admit to owing it and pay, or admit to half of it or disagree with the claim altogether. In my defence (to be written on the court form) can I ask them to provide a consumer credit agreement ? Thanks
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