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  1. My partner brought a new Orange Samsung phone last year, with a new number. Within a couple of days of having it he started to receive text messages from an unknown company. Upon contacting Orange they said ' he had signed up for a premium rate service, by calling a 090 number'. Hilarious really, he was on a text-only tariff and couldn't make any phone calls, except for 999 calls! After a further 3 months the bills for this service had reached a staggering £170, and Orange still refused to assist in the matter. To make matters worse they then said they were going to cut him off unless he paid this bill, now approaching £200. At this point he was taken ill with meningitis and lay in a coma for 2 days. Orange cut the phone off and wouldn't reinstate him unless they had his permission, even though they were infomred in writing he was criticial in hospital. After several more weeks of calls and complaints we contacted the OFCOM office and they gave us some advice. and Orange and the third party company refunded the money. The issue lied in the fact that Orange had not quarantined the number for long enough - it has to be a minimum of six months. Orange admitted in a phone call they had broken their terms and conditions themselves, but then wanted to charge us to end the contract. Upon taking legal advice, Orange stated they had 'no record of the phone call'. We would never use Orange again and would warn all customers to be very wary of Orange. Their customer service is absoutel shocking.
  2. I renewed my tax disc online this year and the first disc got lost in the post. When I asked DVLA for a refund for the 1st month (as it was almost the 20th of June when I got the replacement) they said it wasn't their fault the post office lost it. However when I changed cars earlier in the year, they never got my V5, and so issued me with a fixed penalty fine of £40 for not telling them. Even though it wasn't my fault. We shopuld be able to issue a penalty to them as well!
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