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  1. Hi, Years ago i got into quite a bit of debt (7-8 years ago), i have been slowly paying it back and now have a spotless credit history etc ... however recently i applied for a mortgage which was fine. However during sale of our property it transpires that there is a charging order registered against it due a CCJ from 2007. The CCJ was registered by Capquest , who have NEVER been in contact in over six years and neither have i entered into any payment arrangement with them. I did have another debt with them that I mistakenly thought was this CCJ and have settled this in the past year.
  2. Okay so finally I have this information.... Claimant: ARROW GLOBAL LTD 3RD FLOOR Claimant’s solicitor: MADDERSONS SOLICITORS
  3. Yeah me 2 , i have paid 50% of it , and they are offering me 50% off the remaining balance .... which was unexpected. I will do some digging and find out more and report back.
  4. Appears I am paying Transcom, i will find out who is in the judgement box.
  5. no this was a phone conversation , they did not make reference to any CCJ just my credit file which would not be impacted anyway as these have dropped off.
  6. i have checked with trustonline and have the reference numbers but it does not show anymore details, guess i would have to use old fashioned snail mail for the actual contents. interestingly one has the wrong middle name !
  7. No i do not believe it was, though I do not have a copy of it , so not sure how to find that out ?
  8. I believe TWW own it yes, the CCJ was Copes and was from Arrow Global originally.
  9. Hi, I have contacted Transcom over an old debt which I am repaying at 75.00 per month. They have offered a settlement of 50% which equates to 1750.00. This seems like a good option and something I could do however they told me this will show as a partial settlement and this would be shown on my credit file. Now .. this debt is not showing on my credit file as it is over 6 years old however there is an oustanding CCJ which i am keen to get marked as satisfied which has 1 year to run. What will be the status of that CCJ with a partial settlement ? 7zarkie7
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