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  1. Thanks for the affirmation. One potential issue that I was wondering about - the billing address for the transaction is Google Commerce Ltd, Dublin, Ireland (i've excluded the exact address as I can't remember off the top of my head). Point being, billing address is in Ireland. But I bought from Google Play Store UK, and Google have a number of branches/offices in England/UK. Does this affect the situation/DSR validity?
  2. That's my point - I DID contact them to cancel my order before it was dispatched. I called them at 11.30am, before goods were dispatched (at 3.45pm) to cancel my order. The customer support guy I spoke with said it may or may not be possible to cancel, in which case to refuse delivery. This doesn't however change the fact that I did contact them and requested cancellation before dispatch. I then looked up the DSR's and about 6pm also gave written notice as stipulated in DSR's for cancellation notice. And yes, I have looked at the DSR's, that's why I believe I'm entitled to a delivery charge refund: "Can a consumer cancel an order before they receive the goods or where goods are lost in transit? 3.35 Yes. Where the DSRs give consumers rights to cancel, this right is unconditional. If consumers cancel before they have received the goods you must refund the total price of the goods, including any delivery charges. Consumers who have cancelled under the DSRs may refuse to accept delivery of the goods. Refusal in such a situation cannot be treated as a breach of contract." "What must my consumers do if they want to cancel? 3.26 They must tell you in writing, or in another durable medium, if they want to cancel. This includes letter, fax or email. A phone call is not enough unless you say in your terms and conditions that you will accept cancellations by phone. I was hoping to get some specific guidance on the technical points of the regulations to see if Google can somehow get around them (unlikely as that seems to me) before I pursue this matter with their legal department - which is what Google seems to be telling me I have to do to further pursue the issue.
  3. I bought a Nexus device from Google Play Store recently, but soon changed my mind and decided to cancel my order. I rang up the Google Play customer service to cancel my order, but they said it was not possible, and was told to refuse delivery instead to get a refund after 14 days - which I did. A refund of the £9.99 delivery charge wasn't mentioned so I queried whether this would be refunded, to which I was told it would not be refunded. Am I not entitled to a refund of the delivery charge as well, under the DSRs?
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