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  1. Thanks for the affirmation. One potential issue that I was wondering about - the billing address for the transaction is Google Commerce Ltd, Dublin, Ireland (i've excluded the exact address as I can't remember off the top of my head). Point being, billing address is in Ireland. But I bought from Google Play Store UK, and Google have a number of branches/offices in England/UK. Does this affect the situation/DSR validity?
  2. That's my point - I DID contact them to cancel my order before it was dispatched. I called them at 11.30am, before goods were dispatched (at 3.45pm) to cancel my order. The customer support guy I spoke with said it may or may not be possible to cancel, in which case to refuse delivery. This doesn't however change the fact that I did contact them and requested cancellation before dispatch. I then looked up the DSR's and about 6pm also gave written notice as stipulated in DSR's for cancellation notice. And yes, I have looked at the DSR's, that's why I believe I'm entitled to a deliver
  3. I bought a Nexus device from Google Play Store recently, but soon changed my mind and decided to cancel my order. I rang up the Google Play customer service to cancel my order, but they said it was not possible, and was told to refuse delivery instead to get a refund after 14 days - which I did. A refund of the £9.99 delivery charge wasn't mentioned so I queried whether this would be refunded, to which I was told it would not be refunded. Am I not entitled to a refund of the delivery charge as well, under the DSRs?
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