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  1. From my experience, they did (and continue) to charge interest even when coming to repayment plan, but they waived my extension fees. You are lucky you have less than £1000 outstanding, otherwise they would make your payments much larger.
  2. The auto title loan was much much larger than I had hoped for. My cousin didnt tell me but I got almost £1500 and is even offering to pay the interest for a while. I also am using a friends bank since I couldnt get another one myself he even gave me some money i needed to live before the money came. I got paycheck yesterday which I gave to him, worried though because the name on the account is wrong. That isnt going to cause a problem is it? I told my job that it needed to go to different account but they didnt do anything. If that works that leaves me with an actual good amount of money for next week, about £500 of my auto title loan money is still left over and also my paycheck is coming. The problem is that a couple weeks ago I was apparently stupid enough to tell Payday UK I took out loan to pay off Wonga loan. Somehow Payday UK told Wonga and now they are both on my case accusing me of fraud. Wonga says that the intent to pay back contract means that I need to pay them back as well since they were a old debt when I took one from Payday UK. Payday UK says I should transfer my debt with them back to Wonga if I cant make payment of 299.50. Should I transfer and how should I do it? I looked at Payday UK and Wonga and Wonga 1% interest rate is half as much as Payday UK 299.50 fee. How can I transfer?
  3. Since I last posted the bloody payday loan companies have called me about a thousand times each every day, and they call from different numbers each time, not the same number each time. It is extremely annoying, and I must at least say that Wonga has only called me once more, and it did not seem to be for collection purposes but instead to ask me for some odd confirmation. I told them nicely to contact me via email in the future and they haven't called me any more (they didn't send me any email, either). I asked my employer for a salary advance but he wouldn't do it. He did consent to writing the check in such a way that my cousin may cash it for me, though, as an added bonus that way my cousin will have access to it in case an urgent payment is needed to be made. I really needed the loan as I had no money until my next payday none at all and I was out of gas and behind on all of my bills. There was no other way and these aren't like payday loans they charge more reasoning interest. What I really need help with right now is what to say to these other companies to stop calling and texting me as it is becoming absurd. Will I eventually have to pay off all debt and all interest to all of these companies no matter what? When you say you come out unscathed from 10 payday debts, what does this mean?
  4. Thank you for your help. I was at first very hesitant to try to get new bank account. But now I understand that even if what Wonga told me is true the other payday loan companies are going to suck me dry if I don't switch banks. Plus, I'm not going to ever be able to pay off this overdraft unless the bank stops it. They are charging me over 10 pounds a day in overdraft charges. I sent message to bank telling them to please wait and stop charging me, but they are still charging me and no response back. . I cant afford to deposit my paycheck into the bank anyway because lots of it would be missing because my account balance is so far negative. So I'm trying to open Barclays checking account I heard they are most reasonable. Good news I talked to landlord and it looks OK. I told him I am getting title loan money from cousin soon. I also pawned some things and am trying to sell some old stuff to help me out also.
  5. I was just called by Wonga first thing in the morning, when the hell do these people sleep its like they just suck up money 24 hours a day 7 days a week. First I got this really rude bastard who told me that if I switched banks I would be [problem]ming them, the debt is attached to the person not the bank account. He said if I didn't pay he'd make sure that my credit score got so low that nobody would ever give me a different bank account. I sort of hung up when I got really mad. But I realized I probably needed to talk to them so I called them back. Luckily I got this guy the next time who was actually pretty reasonable. I told him my situation and how the other guy treated me he said that it was not acceptable behavior for somebody at Wonga. I told him that I was in debt to several other payday loans. He told me that my current Wonga balance was almost $1500. He said that by my next payday, I'd owe about $1650 to Wonga. He said that Wonga isn't a payday loan site. He said that Wonga charges 1% interest daily while the other payday loan sites worked differently by charging a fee for the advance. He said that as long as I eventually paid back those lenders then as long as I talked them I would be OK. He said that due to Wonga's daily interest it would be a bad idea to delay Wonga's payments because then future payments would be even more. I asked how much he wanted to prevent that. At first he told me that it would normally be £250 because they charge 1% interest each day. I told him there was no way I could afford that but that's better than him charging $1650 as that would just bounce. Finally he said that he would waive to the late payment and extension fees Wonga had charged previously as I continued to pay. That meant about £200 which is still massively unreasonable. It got even worse when he said that all the charges and all associated interest on those charges and the interest on that interest would come back if I missed just one payment. I don't know what I am going to do. I told him that his company's terms were hugely unfair. You charge me £200 for what was just a £400 loan in the first place? He said if I had just paid him back on time the first time I would have had just to pay £46. He said if there was any other company that offered loans for cheaper than Wonga because Wonga's terms were so unfair, I should just go to that lender and borrow from them, and use that to pay of the Wonga debt. Now I'm trapped. I have no money for 2 weeks and even if I get through that I would have to pay £200. If I scrimped and saved maybe I could meet it. Also hopefully I'll finally get a check that's now about 4 months late to help out a bit. Another option would be an auto title loan, I can't find one here that will accept my car but my cousin in the USA is willing to help. She offered to help me out with a $1000 auto tile loan on her car as long as I did my best to help her meet the interest payments. Auto title loans cost a fraction of what Wonga is trying to charge. Maybe doing it through my cousin would be the best way out of this hole, or at least to pay off some of the other payday loans I need to pay off.
  6. How long do you think it would take to create a new bank account then? I am afraid but will try it because I am all out of the other options. What am I going to do in the mean time, I have no money to pay my rent or to do anything. My entire paycheck was gone in a minute thanks to these crooks I didnt even get a chance to buy gas.
  7. how will other bank account help with rent? I was getting calls from Payday UK a couple of days ago that said that I haven't completed single payment to them. They said that they thought that I was trying switch banks and doing so before paying back anything shows that I opened loan with no intention to pay it back. I am afraid of them because they wouldnt accept my last request until I finally gave them many more things than normally needed for Payday loan. They kept on denying me so I called them up and said I really needed money and I'd give it back next paycheck. I said that I would pay them back first but they wouldn't believe me, so I even made them post dated check which they dont even want normally. I would have paid them off first too except the other companies took my money out before I could even do anything. It is like they knew when I deposited and took everything out the moment it was available. Now payday UK is saying that I intentionally defrauded them so I dont think I can switch banks.
  8. More than 3 months ago I took out a small £400 loan because I was having some trouble, but very small trouble compared to now. For first loan went OK, and I paid it off with my paycheck. I was expecting check but it did not come in time so I really needed to take out other loan from wonga because I didnt have money one week after paycheck because I spent lots of it paying off the first loan. I heard of this problem before though, so I thought I would try to get out of taking out more loans by making a 1 week loan to minimize expenses. My paycheck came in 1 week. It was a BAD idea Because wonga charge me same day as I get paycheck, but it must do it earlier or something, because bank says I did overdraft. This is where disaster happened. My bank charges me more than £30 on overdraft, and Wonga is £30! Make matters worse I remember gas was really expensive and I needed some so I bought, before I knew I was overdraft. I have to ask wonga for more money to cover the late fee and overdraft. I take out loan for £1000 to cover everything and pay rent. Next payday, I realize if I pay Wonga then I will have no money remaining. I need to extend loan and I apply but it is too slow another overdraft. Each day in overdraft bank is charging more £10 and I cant spend on anything and I need gas again. Wonga balance is at more than £100. I tried to get loan from family, nobody would take. Wonga finally extended loan but overdraft already happened. I had to take out loan from Payday UK for £1000. Next payday I come and deposit check but right away sucked up into overdraft. Bank says unless I pay them back they will close account. Only other option is payday financial for £750 and only for normal expenses. I have no money for anything. A week ago I get last paycheck. It was all gone the moment I got it. I got loan £750 from Payday express but only to avoid overdraft on Payday UK. Got payday financial to extend, but only another 15 days, and had to pay all fees. Wonga charge comes in later and puts me back in overdraft again, losing £10 I don't even have to pay each day. So I have to go back to payday UK and get another. I get a call from Wonga saying that I need to pay back at least all interest I owe from this day forward and that they give me 2 weeks like I requested and they still couldn't even withdraw all interest. I told them that I was doing my best. I spent nothing but absolute necessity for 2 weeks. I skipped meals even. Rent is due and also mobile phone bill. This week I get check and right away I'm into overdraft. Here is what I owe. Payday express: £997 Payday financial: £1002.50 Payday UK: £1299.50 Wonga: £1480 (this is current balance) I don't have any money and I just got paid, account is in overdraft. Late on rent. Just 2 weeks ago I paid Wonga more than £200. I called Wonga to say to freeze interest they said that I needed to pay them at least the £200 interest each week and then my balance won't go up any more. Just from the interest from the loans I will have no money left from my paycheck and my balances will still go up. I finally broke when I drive to get gas today and it rejected my card so I must be really bad overdraft too. And wonga still wont freeze interest. What can I do?
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