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  1. hi citizenkain, i have to say i was super duper dumb!!! i totally trusted them, i did have the dealer researched before the purchase. there were 4 reviews, two 5-star rating, one 4-star rating, and one guy just gave one star and wrote 'these people are most biggest [problem] artist the cars are broken and cheaply put back together'. i should be aware about what people were talking about not the positive things but the negatives. well, i have learnt my lesson and paid the fee. next time i will definitely find a car from a locate trust worthy dealer. thanks again dude.
  2. hi surfer01, i don't know if it was my fault or not for buying the car unseen. when i bought the iPhone which i am using now (it was a used handset), it said that the phone is grade a which meant there's no scratches on the screen, back and mid frame. when i got it, there were a few scratches in one corner, and i reported and sent it back without being charge a penny. to be honest as long as they offer to refund me the road tax, i will be cool with that. i don't know how could they ask me to be liable for road tax (1 year = £220). i told him that the road tax wan't included in the stick
  3. hi citizenkain, i could've been told about the faults i mentioned before, couldn't i? thanks for your contribution.
  4. hi heliosuk, i do understand there will be things like scratches and dents on a used car, there are a few marks on the car as well. i asked the lady called julie in the office twice, to confirm if there is anything like dents or scratches. she answered no, then i replied 'are you sure', she said she wasn't the one who checked the car, and it was her manager who told her that the exterior. if they were being totally honest with me i would definitely reject the car, but they either lied about it or they didn't inspect the car carefully. it shouldn't be considered as my problem, should it? i
  5. hi oddjobbob, thanks for pointing out. i do understand that these are just minor things. the guy called alan said although the blind cover is part of the car but it is just an accessory and i can't believe that you are rejecting the car because of this. i replied that if you are buying a laptop find the left hand side of the touchpad is not functioning properly, you still can use the laptop or even get a usb mouse, but question is do you want to buy it after being acknowledged about the fault? my point is when they are selling the car and you asking them if everything is checked alrea
  6. hi spud4life and dx100uk, thanks for the info and the links, and as i am checking them out now. i have just made a offer to share the consequencial costs ( delivery + collection + admin fee), and they should refund me the full amount that i paid for the car plus 11-month worth MOT. i hope they would accept it! anyway, do you guys think the offer is fair enough??? i just really don't want to go that far, because it would just waste my time. i do need the money back in order to get another car somewhere else. anyway, thank you very much, guys.
  7. hello honeybee13, thank you very much for your tips. i will definitely be patient and wait to see if anyone could help. i have never ever expected anything like this would happen. i sent email to confirm the condition of the car and i even asked them to get back to me if there's anything like dents / scratches. i am really really stressed now, because the delivery charge + collection charge + road tax = almost £600. thanks a lot for helping out! really really appreciate it!!!
  8. Hi everybody, first of all, thanks for looking into my thread! i bought a car from a dealer located in Edlesborough, and i paid in full 10 days ago. when the car got delivered on last tuesday, i found that there are a few things i wasn't expecting at all. 1. there is a dent in the rear bumper. my guess is that it was caused because of reversing towards a pole or something like a pole. 2. spring of the left hand side of storage cover / roller blind is broken, so when it is applied there is no tension on the left hand side, but looks like too much tension on the right hand side.
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