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  1. Hope this is the correct section. This is a little bit complicated so i'll try and explain it all. Two years ago I decided to go back to college and then university so moved back in with my father. I was living in a shared ownership (25%) flat and had it up for sale and permission to rent it out until it sold. However my mother was being kicked out of her rented house for not paying so I let her move into my flat so she wasn't on the street. 2 years later and she still refuses to pay any rent or go to the council for rent money and i've come to the end of my financial tether. I've been using my university loans to pay for her to live there for 2 years while my father has let me live with him for free but enough is enough. She never signed any tenancy agreements with me and the bills are in my name still, including a £400 electricity bill she has run up which has meant i've had bailifts after me for payment. I'm convinced with speaking to her that she is mentally ill but the doctors wont do anything as she isnt an immediate physical threat to herself or others and after speaking to the doctor/council/CAB/Housing Assosiation the best advice I have gotten is to let the flat be repossessed and hope she kicks up and gets arrested so she can be sectioned. Now to the actual question. What is the quickest way to let my flat be repossessed? My mortgage is with the Halifax and rent with Waterloo Homes. I honestly just want to be rid of the place now and I don't care about getting a mortgage anytime soon. I'm not sure who to contact or what departments and what to say whether it be ringing or writing to someone, or what the actual process will be. Hope someone can help, sorry for the big wall of text.
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