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  1. Are you a solicitor? Have you seen all the relevant facts to make such claims?
  2. I presented my case to a free legal advice centre. They agreed that my case has merit. These are some of the points I presented. Details SUPERMARKET employee handbook stated : “Your offer letter/contract will refer you to the handbook for more details, that’s because parts of the handbook make up your contract of employment.” The main contract document between me and SUPERMARKET stated: “Details of the formal Disciplinary Procedure are contained in your Employee Handbook.” So it appears that SUPERMARKET disciplinary procedure detailed in their handbook was contractual. My un
  3. What you have quoted doesn't show what you claimed that I managed to "scrape" an assessment period with another employer.
  4. You have to argue your case at court and show that your contract was breached and that you suffered damages. The reasons for believing that a contract is breached will be in your statement which you provide to the court. I shared some of those reasons in my videos. Getting a referral for a "Breach of Contract" case by a solicitor, as I did, shows that that solicitor agreed that there is merit to my claim.
  5. I don't know where you got this information from. So are the issues that I raised (which the supermarket solicitor has never told me what they are specifically but claims that they have been addressed) not so important that I should leave the matter altogether?
  6. You have to ask for a referral to get a referral. If you just ask for advice without a referral then you will just get advice.
  7. The solicitor isn't saying that he has a lack of expertise in legal knowledge.
  8. I said that solicitors agreed with me. The solicitor's letter that I attached above is from a free legal advice centre. They don't represent clients. They just offer a one-off free written advice letter and a referral where they believe a client's case has merit. Th solicitor wrote: "Due to lack of expertise in conducting litigation and restriction on our professional indemnity insurance..."
  9. I have attached a letter which shows that a solicitor believed that my case was worth being referred to the Free Representation Unit. This would mean that the solicitor believed my case had merit. image share
  10. I have clearly explained in my videos that it was not gross misconduct. My video even shows part of the email where the supermarket solicitor says that although my dismissal meeting engaged the disciplinary process, and hence could be referred to as a disciplinary meeting, that it is more correctly a non-confirmation meeting.
  11. I have already explained my reasons for believing that the contract was breached by the employer in my videos. I have also explained in the post above that not all term of the contract were properly agreed. So it is unfair to say that I breached the contract first without knowing all the circumstances. I have tried to explain everything in my videos.
  12. As I understand, a contract starts when there is an agreement between two parties. This agreement can be verbal, by behaviour or in writing. You will notice from my videos that I claim the company had destroyed evidence. The evidence would have shown you that I had not agreed (whether verbally, by behaviour or in writing) to the timetable that I was given.
  13. I have answered this in my videos. To win a breach of contract case in a county court you have to show that you suffered financial damages. It is not sufficient to show that your contract was breached. This is the only thing that held me back from suing the company.
  14. For example, the supermarket has denied that the employee handbook formed part of the contract whereas the employee handbook clearly states that parts of the handbook make up the contract of employment.
  15. I have already seen lawyers about this case. Not all the lawyers agree with your opinion that the company nor the manager had done anything wrong. In fact, the only lawyer that agreed with your opinion made some errors which have been acknowledged by the solicitor herself as well as by the legal Ombudsman. There are clear terms of the contract which I claim they breached in the way they dismissed me. I have not named any individual or company in public. I am aware that I need to be careful to avoid being sued for defamation.
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