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  1. From CF’s annual accounts, I notice that several months ago their main bankers dumped – sorry, sold their short term loans that they had made to CF. I wonder how many turned up for that auction? What’s that story about rats jumping ship.
  2. TJC123 Do you think they were pushed to dispose of them in view of these companies, which held the equitable rights, having a combined net worth of £ -116,984,000 as at 30th November 2012? This caused the whole Commercial First Group to have a net worth of £ -119,405,000. It is difficult to see how they were still able to trade. What is more the rating agencies could have raised concerns or downgraded their rating of the investment coupons, as they did a couple of years ago when the loan administrators HML, a subsidiary of Skipton Building Society, suffered a small reduction in their own c
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