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  1. Just thought I'd post an update in case it's of help to anyone who finds themselves in this situation. I wrote to Yorkshire Water requesting a copy of the original bill. I told them my name had been added to the account without my permission, but that I wanted to settle the matter with them directly. They wrote back saying they have cancelled the charge in my name in full and requested that the DCA remove the default they had registered for non payment of the bill. Westcot have since written to me informing that they've closed the case, so I'm very relieved. Really impressed with how Yorks
  2. It's entirely likely she may try to argue she paid towards it. I would try to claim back the lump sum of the NPower bill, I do still have the authorisation codes for that payment and I believe another 'friend' has been supporting her financially for the past year, so she's unlikely she's been lifting money regularly from her account which she could claim she's been giving me. She's certainly never bank transferred me any money. She did speak with NPower last year and make a couple of small payments totaling maybe £15 (I'll have to look it up) then stopped the payment plan, I would imagine w
  3. Thanks again, it's good to know it's not likely to show as a default. I would pay YW directly as I know DCAs can add on all kinds of admin fees. I can afford to pay it in one go, so I'll probably do that so I know it's done with. I'm considering getting a bit of legal advice, but am wondering if I can try to get her to sign a contract which admits she owes the money. Something along the lines of a letter before court action offering her the chance to pay back a small amount of a few pounds a month to me and knocking a small amount of what she owes as a goodwill gesture. If she refuses or d
  4. Thanks for replying kjun. I will pay the outstanding money tommorrow I think, at least then I don't have to worry about a potential CCJ. I had thought about taking ex housemate to small claims, but we had no formal contract of who was paying for what, just the joint tenancy agreement. I'm not convinced my claim would be successful. On the other hand, she had made a couple of payments towards the water bill and there was a payment plan in place with NPower, so it might be worth looking into a bit further. I do have several Facebook messages from her in which s
  5. Thanks Brigadier. To my knowledge there's no default showing on Equifax (need to check Experian next) and she must have stopped paying for the water well over a year ago judging by the amount that's outstanding, so hopefully I've avoided a default. I read that Yorkshire Water have started recording defaults on missed payments, so that made me panic. I'm just trying to limit damage to my credit at this point, the loss of money is frustrating, but not being able to get a mortgage for 6+ years is more of a concern at the moment. Am I right in thinking if the debts get
  6. In 2011-12 I was in a house share with a girl who turned out to be incredibly bad at paying bills and I've since found out has bailiffs chasing her for a substantial amount of debt. I had the electric and gas bill with NPower in my name and she was supposed to have the water bill with Yorkshire Water in her's. My DD to NPower was always paid on time, but we had a lump sum to pay at the end of the tenancy as we'd been under paying. I paid my half off and she set up a payment plan for her remainder of the bill. A few months passed and I received a letter from a DCA, not s
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