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  1. Hi was hoping someone could give me advice on this. I had a payday loan with cash genie last year they took the money out of my bank without my permission. The loan was for 150 they took payments of 240 and 195. hsbc refunded the 240 but not the 195 which i have no problems with as i owed that. the problem i have is both amounts have been shown as settled on my noddle report until last month where the amount of 240 has reappeared. the 240 was the charges they added as the intial loan was for 150. My question is how do i remove it from my credit
  2. Just to let everyone now that hsbc refunded me the full amount this morning with no hassle at all while they investigate the matter
  3. Just to update everyone I rang hsbc who said they will be refunding me the full amount tommorrow I will be chasing them up again just to make sure found hsbc to be very helpful alot more than santander ever was
  4. Thanks when I rang them the other day from the branch I cancelled any more payments from both the companies but I will also send them a letter recorded.does it matter that ive cancelled the card will I still be able to do chargeback?I will br ringing them as soon as im home in the nexr couple of hours.once again thanks for everyones help really grateful.
  5. Ok thanks I will hopefully get some joy later on then hope they can sort it for me.
  6. Ok thanks I will get onto them later today when im back home and demand my money back will post on here on the outcome thanks for your help
  7. I was told to ring back once the funds had cleared so that will be monday im guessing and no nothing has never gone into my account from either of these companies
  8. Ok thanks I will try with the chargeback and see how I get on on monday as hsbc said I have to wait for the transaction to appear on my statement. I just cant believe how these companies have got my card details
  9. Yeah I told hsbc yesterday that I never authorised it and I thought it was fraud I just hope that they can refund me immediately as when I banked with santander there was a long drawn out process and I need the the funds returned asap im just unsure of the rules regarding cashback with hsbc.
  10. Hi i was hoping someone could help? Yesterday I went to check my balance and could see that there was money missing from my account. I went into hsbc and on their computer there was pending transactions of £194 from cash genie and 140 from ariste holdings a company I have never heard from. I did owe cash genie money but after contacting them I advised them i would be in touch to repay at a later date due to being off work and self employed. They accepted this. I rang hsbc from within the branch and was told nothing could be done until it shows as cleared. I
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