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  1. He's been keeping a diary pretty much from the start. The HA gave him a dictaphone to record the noise but it was useless. Re eviction and information gathering, they've had four years to do that and still no progress so I think it's either incompetence or beaurocracy (excuse spelling) or a bit of both. He has to pay them ground rent, not sure if that means that they are the freeholder or not. He's sent them a bit of a sarky message suggesting they buy it, doubt very much that they've got the funds though. I did suggest him renting it out, however he's not sure he'd get the approval from his mortgage provider (it's likely he won't make a penny out of the sale, that's how desperate he is to get out) plus all the hassle being a landlord and having constant phone calls about this and that.
  2. Thanks for the reply. He's kept a diary for the tenant opposite, not sure about upstairs though. He's tried to keep it kind of friendly by keeping complaints to the HA and not going through the council.
  3. Hi, I'm not sure if anyone can help, but here goes. My bf owns a ground floor flat in a block of HA maisonettes. When he first bought it about 5 years ago all was well, however for the past 4 years it's been a nightmare. The tenant across the hall sleeps all day (fair enough) but has music blaring from about 10pm until about 5/6 in the morning. We also believe he is dealing drugs from the flat (though have no proof). And there are people coming and going, slamming doors all times of day and night. BF spoke to him at first, as did the 90 year old tenant upstairs. When that didn't work he contacted the Housing Authority, who have told him that they have spoken to him and have at this time given him FOUR FINAL WARNINGS!!! With no improvement. He could have coped with that, but just over a year ago the 90 year old was moved from the flat above BF to opposite as they were renovating all flats. As you can imagine at 90 he had no desire to move again. Since then the HA have moved a succession of teenagers into the flat above. And yes I realise it's their flat and they have the right to choose their tenants and obviously the kids do need somewhere to go. The previous tenant would play loud music occasionally but not for the length of time as the tenant opposite so BF didn't complain. About 8 months ago new tenants moved in, boy and girl about 18 ish. From the start there's been terrible unexplained noises ( which after seeing girl out in roller boots we now know what it is!) Throwing contents of ashtray over balcony onto shared grounds. Stomping etc. He hasn't bothered complaining about this because of the lack of action with the tenant opposite. After a sleepless night this week with approx 6 hours of extremely loud music (funnily it's never at the weekend) screaming, shouting etc he had enough and complained. HA were worse than useless and said they'd see what they can do. As a result BF has been forced to sell property as he can't take any more stress. I realise that he is legally (and morally) obliged to notify any prospective buyers especially as there have been official complaints, would he be entitled to any compensation from the HA who are woefully inadequate from any loss in value as a result of nuisance? Also, any help with advice on getting HA to do there job properly would be gratefully received. Sorry it's such a long-winded post, I hope someone can help.
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