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  1. Hi knobbly I know it has been a year since your post, but I have got a similar situation with a Morrison Utilities sign and wondered how you got on. thanks
  2. The question is are they legally allowed to put a sign such as that in the road without warnings elsewhere. Because of the nature of the road someone could easily hit it without knowing it is there? The only reason I knew it was due to me coming from the opposite direction in the morning. There are many things that are technically not dangerous, doesn't make it legal. Plus again why should I have to move a sign which the workman put there, who could I blame if I dropped it on my foot?
  3. Firstly it is a main road leading to the junction so to stop to move the sign would have been dangerous. Secondly, surely the sign should not have been put there in the first place, workmen should know where to put a sign
  4. Hi Hoping someone can help me, at the bottom of my road there is a temporary sign that states 'access only' whilst some roadworks are being completed. This sign is actually on the junction where I turn in and has been placed on the road, this has meant everytime I turn into the road I have to go round it onto the other side. Today whilst doing this a car came the other way (it is on a bend so not easily seen), to avoid the other car I turned my car back into my side of the road, however I unfortunately hit the sign and it has scraped the wheel arch of my car. Neither myself or
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