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  1. You will need to get a watertight acknowledgement - which i imagine will be difficult! Especially as you have to pay them before they acknowledge payment. What i would suggest is that you do all the negotiation to get to a figure you are comfortable with - and then get a UK solicitor to make the payment on your behalf. This may cost a few shekels, but it should give you peace of mind (any others have any thoughts on this? It's an idea i have been toying with myself). I'm no expert but at least this should ensure you are protected in this jurisdiction - as to what woul
  2. You got a letter saying 'suspending collection'? I didn't get any reply at all to mine - still not heard anything.
  3. I'll be a bit clearer - he said they 'could attempt' to get a judgement against you. Note the words 'could' and 'attempt' - his point was that there is nothing to stop them 'trying' anything (within the law) - you are correct about the 'sb clock' which would be the obvious counter argument. My main point is that each case is unique - the measures i have taken to protect myself may not be applicable to someone else.
  4. Nothing yet - i can only assume one of two things, either: a. They are waiting to get all the paperwork i requested back from ADCB before proceeding to court. or b. They have dropped it and moved on. I have also had some proper legal advice on the subject and my brief told me that 'just because they CAN come after you, it doesn't mean they WILL'. There has to be something to take (assets) or a good steady job with plenty of disposable income. If you are a small target he said it would be 'unlikely' that they would proceed. BUT
  5. Thanks DX, i'll be getting this done this week for sure! I don't know why i didn't get proof of posting the first time, my head is all over the place.
  6. Thanks - seen post five, but not until yesterday. To be clear i filled in the form 3 times (once for each unique reference number) and sent all three off in the same envelope. Sorry if i am being stupid but i thought that would be ok, otherwise i would have sent three individual letters. The only info i left off was the financial stuff - but looking at your form it seems i was correct to do so. So, what should i do next? Should i re-send to be on the safe side or what??? I know you guys must be bored rigid with having to repeat yourselves over and over (an
  7. Thanks for getting back to me DX. I sent back all three in the same envelope - i'm only flapping because the advice on here seems to be to NOT to ignore the PAP. The new letter seems to be suggesting they have not received anything. Redacted '16 Day's to Reply' letter attached - it's the same wording on all three. What i'm worried about is them proceeding as if i have sent nothing - which i wouldn't put past any of them - my mistake was not sending it recorded. Can it hurt to re-send? i don't see why not - but i'll stand by for your advice. sherman19 lette
  8. Hi Guys, First of all i would like to say that there is some very good advice on here, you guys are stars! I received my Moriarty PAPs (all three of them) a couple of months ago - i replied using the standard form (not theirs) but left off the finance stuff - which seemed correct given the circumstances. I then heard nothing until last Monday when i received a FINAL DEMAND BEFORE PROCEEDINGS letter. It sounds like they did not receive (or are ignoring) my PAP reply - is this something they would do? They have given me 16 days to reply - i plan on resending
  9. I think you are right - i'll probably approach a solicitor directly and see what they have to say. Thanks for the advice.
  10. I'm fairly happy that I could challenge on grounds of jurisdiction, especially as the credit/loan agreements are both governed by the law of the UAE. I really want to know if anyone can tell me if assets in my wife's name are vulnerable or not. Also I can find lots of stories on the internet regarding people being threatened etc - but I can find nothing anywhere regarding successful prosecutions for debts based in the UAE - if anyone can point me to anything I would be very grateful.
  11. Thanks guys - I don't plan on disclosing anything unless I have to. But does anyone actually know where I would stand (legally) if this was pursued through the courts?
  12. the DCA will not discuss the case with me unless I prove my identity I still do not know what has happened regarding court proceedings in Dubai - I can only assume I have been convicted of something as defaulting on debt is a criminal offence in Dubai. To give a bit more detail - before I left Dubai my company had promised me a promotion, raise and bonus for bringing in a large project on time - a month before the contract was due to finish (on time and on budget - very rare for Dubai) my company terminated my contract - via telephone when I was back in the UK for a long
  13. The debt (credit cards and loan) is with an Abu Dhabi bank - I owe no money to any UK or international companies. The email was sent to an email a/c that I no longer use (it was the one I registered to my UAE bank) they claim to be acting for the bank in question but will not disclose details unless I confirm my identity or contact them via telephone. If they want to chase me they can (and probably will) but can't get much! What worries me is that they could go after assets that are in my wife's name.
  14. Hi All, I left Dubai a year ago leaving behind approximately 75k (Stirling) in debts (loan and credit cards). I was basically put in a terrible position by my UAE employer and ended up taking the easy way out - probably not the right thing to do but I didn't really fancy seeing what the inside of a UAE jail looked like. On return to the UK we sold our home and moved to a different part of the country. I have recently been contacted by a DCA by email and I am now worried that I could be hit with court action / repossession etc. Can they touch our assets?
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