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  1. hi could you direct me to the page for the failure to comply letter to send to cabot.thanks
  2. Hi guys some advice please. I sent some letters as advised by yourself from a previous thread. I sent the 10 pound postal order and letter to welcome and they replied in 4 days saying they have received my letter and looking into it, that was 34 days ago. should I send anything or should I wait? Is this normal taking so long? secondly I sent a letter to cabot as they said they had bought the debt and 1 pound postal order and that was over a month ago.Also since sending letter they haven't contacted me once. Is this normal they don't contact me and also should I
  3. UPDATE: Hi guys, thought id update you, I sent welcome the 10 pound postal order and letter on 31/8/13 and received a letter back saying they acknowledged payment and are dealing with my request. Cabot: So I sent these guys a 1 pound postal and letter on 9/9/13 still not replied a nd weirdly iv not had one phone call from them? is this normal procedure. What are your thoughts?
  4. so my question is can they place a default as welcome never?what should I do?
  5. I looked on Experian and its not even on there since other day and its not been 6 years and on equiax it says settled by welcome and all payments are late no default on any, it says on Equifax all payments 6 from date of loan and then settled.yes it has just been purchased from cabot recently.
  6. hi guys, right so iv sent letters off and refusing to answer calls but I might have a bigger problem..... Looked at my credit file and welcome have marked it settled but put DA marker on noodle but worse is there is no default marker aywere just bb late payments since 2008 does this mean I could have this on for another six years once cabot mark as default or can I stop them from marking default? thanks
  7. ok thanks so much i shall keep you all updated every step of way once they respond.thanks guys
  8. ok im a bit confused now as some say in previous posts not to respond and now you mention to send that letter with cheque. yes i have funds but i have mentioned to them about settled on my credit report and they said they cant do that as it would have to go under a partial settlemnt on credit file.due to new laws. i have just prepared a SAR to send to welcome finance.but they have sold it now to cabot
  9. ok so i should send to welcome or cabot who have bought it now or both,also im worried they will try take a ccj out against me can they do this?
  10. i made a offer when they called. the debt is 4135
  11. guys thanks so much for helping and thank god i spoke out to you guys in time. now as i am very noob to all this on the top of the letter template i need to send it mentions data holder- is that cabot?im just a little lost in those words and would like some help.what address i send to. sorry guys for being noob.iv pasted the heading of the template i am talking about. Send this request including the £10 fee to the address which your data holder has registered with the Data Protection Commissioner as the address of the Data Controller:- Information Commissioners - Data Protecti
  12. Hi guys some advice please. I failed to pay for a welcome finance agreement that i took out in 2008. it has this month been sold onto cabot who have spoken to me on the phone to agree a full and final settlement figure. they have said i can pay a partial figure that will clear it to zero but will show on my credit file partial payment. I asked them for settled or satisfied but they said they cant do that as new laws in. I looked on all 3 credit files this week to see what welcome had put and its down as settled now after all late payments.all say same thing. So he
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