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  1. Could someone please direct me to a 'letter before action' template?
  2. Requests have been by phone and via email. Do I have to give them any additional notices before commencing legal proceedings? I feel like they have had more than enough time to respond properly already and am ready to pull the trigger on a more contentious process. The last email I sent was titled "Final Notice before Legal Action" and already included the words "In the event that we are yet to receive confirmation by close of business today (Friday, 23 July 2013, 5pm) that this amount will be repaid in full, we will commence legal proceedings against both Agent Y and Landlord X without f
  3. One more thing (which frankly should not matter in my opinion) - in addition to the above, shortly after the disagreement on the final tenancy agreement and us pulling out, they re-listed the property and subsequently rented it out to someone else at a higher rent level than what we were going to pay. We have asked them to make clear what legal grounds they are holding our deposit on and they have failed to do so - despite us giving them three weeks to provide this information.
  4. Will try to keep this short but for those with a very short attention span - Summary cliffs: a letting agent is refusing to repay a £1,200 holding deposit after negotiations on the tenancy agreement broke down despite them agreeing (prior to us paying the deposit) that a disagreement on the tenancy agreement would lead to our deposit being refunded (clearly fraudulent on their part to not repay??). Long form: all communication detailed below happened over email. -------------------- - Looking at a property (Mayfair/Marylebone) managed by Landlord X being shown to us (frien
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