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  1. Things I need help with in relation to my small claims presentation in court: 1) Confirmation that because Mum's account was with the Bank of Scotland, I should be applying to the Scottish court. 2) Confirmation of the name of the account in dispute. Do I need to know this? Halifax - or Bank of Scotland ( I don't even know who I am taking to - the Customer Service number directs me to Edinburgh) - refuse to tell me. 3) Confirmation that a small claim form will not severely prescribe what I am able to place before the court, e.g. Halifax's aberrant use of the phrase 'Giving a little extr
  2. Would my least exposing way of raising this be to go to the small claims court? In that way, I believe my exposure to their lawyers is limited. I will research to what extent - but are there any downsides to taking this to small claims...
  3. Yes... However - I just called them to ask what the original name of the account I opened was, since there is some confusion as to whether it was Variable rate web Saver as it says in the application title, or Web Saver Reward - and they wouldn't tell me. A manager - Lee Gardener - has instructed the team that 'they are not to enter into conversation with me' Halifax giving a little extra help yet again. I am of the opinion that the end line is so misleading as to be dishonest - and think that they should be made to withdraw it from all their literature.
  4. Here is their decision ( with my comments in italics): To decide what is fair and reasonable in this complaint, I have considered everything that Mr J, as attorney for Mrs J, and Halifax have provided. Their letter to me says that the ombudsman 'will review the case formally'. 'This will involve the ombudsman looking at the entire file and taking inrto account all the comments and information...' But although I twice requested they apply to Halifax for the original ad., they didn't - and although they were sent the Jo Thornhill article in which Halifax admit they would re-visit
  5. No, they gave their final decision. . They never asked for the original Ad. and I cannot tell whether the application form that Halifax sent them is the one I saw: I can't remember. It is however the only one they ever sent that applied to logged in customers. I am appealing the ombudsman's 'process' - since, if the ombudsman agree that their process was flawed , it would serve me well in court - but cannot have the complaint itself revisited. Halifax claim they are bound by the ombusman's decision, though the ombudsman says that since I rejected the decision, they ar
  6. On April 8 2011, whilst doing some banking as POA on behalf of my mother inside her Halifax on-line bank account, I was tempted by a banner advertisement which purported to be a promotion for a new limited offer account called the Web Saver Reward with an interest rate of 2.8%, paid annually. At that time my mother had a savings account with Halifax delivering 2.3% interest, *holding about £40,000, so it seemed sensible to take advantage of an extra .5% Clicking the ad. led straight to an on-line application form, entitled Variable rate Web Saver Application. Within that form th
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