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  1. was in the hairdressers today I was talking to a lady about holiday pay she was saying that now she gets more money as now holiday pay is a percentage of your yearly salary not your hourly rate. is this true? or does it just apply to big companies?. I work for a small company and get 8hrs pay at my hourly rate for holidays.
  2. right iam back sometimes life gets in the way date of ticket 12/2/16 issued by cps [midlands] ltd reason on ticket parked for longer than the maximium period permited and parked without displaying a valid ticket
  3. you have had the car for 2 months and havnt checked the oil? think you going to have to take some responsibility for this have you checked the tyres,water,etc? I don't do this either but my husband checks all this for me every week as I don't understand any of it. but he also says the starter was fitted incorrectly and its easy to check if the engine is seized. you also havnt said how many miles you have done in the car or the make and model the milage or how old the car is, as some cars do use oil.
  4. its a private car park will let you know later as the tickets in the car and my husbands out in it
  5. parked in a multi storey car park which was a pay and display paid £3 into the machine for all day parking displayed ticket when I came back I had a parking charge notice .on checking the ticket it appears the machine only took £2 and swallowed a pound which gave me 2 hours parking. so my fault for not checking the ticket they want 100 pounds or 60 if I pay in 14 days. have I got any defence or do I just pay up?
  6. my brother did something wrong at work and fully admits this.he has been in the job for just under a year and the firm had him in the office and the outcome was that he was given a written warning,now this was in the first week of December 2015 and he still hasn't recived anything.if he now gets something should it be from the date in December or from the date its issued? and does it expire after 6 months? cheers
  7. parts yes you might make your money but you still got to get rid of the bits that are left. and if you think you can get 150 for a scrap car you been asleep for 3 years! you be lucky to get 50 pounds.my brother scrapped a saab on the 20/12/15 and got 40 pounds for it -8 pounds cause he left the wheels on it as he drove it to the yard.
  8. its called a no claim discount not a no blame discount hence the price rise
  9. went into Nottingham town today parked on the road paid the fee and walked into town. noticed a car had a ticket on the window thought that's a nice Christmas box for someone. when I came back saw he/she had another on the window so being nosy looked in the window to see if he had a parking ticket and they had but it had run out nearly 2 hours ago. so is this legal? and if so how how many tickets can you get in one session?
  10. are you sure he should be driving with his illness?
  11. iam with Lloyds and have a contactless card but I havnt activated the contactless part.
  12. I would ask for the duty solicitor as you don't know your way around and its free.
  13. yes if tax was 30 pounds a year
  14. depends on how you drive my other half does track days and gets through a set of pads in less than a hundred miles.also you should change your brake fluid every 2 years so maybe this needs changing.
  15. brake pads are a wear and tear par tand wont be coverd so just get them replaced will only cost about 50 pounds
  16. I thought that all clothing was vat free or am I wrong? we where buying some building supplies from a well known building merchant and my other half saw some work clothes they where a sweat shirt at £9.99 and some trousers at £19.99 both were plus vat. I did ask at the shop and they said we always charge vat so are they right? cheers
  17. I would say yes they should have found the obstruction.
  18. no advice but good luck
  19. well they never replied to my appeal and today I have recived a letter from DRP DEBT RECOVERY inviting me to pay 160 pounds by the 21/5/15 they will recommend to the creditior they take me to court. so do I reply to DRP or parking eye? thanks
  20. don't think you stand a cat in hells chance if you a good customer and its got a full Renault service history you might get a goodwill payment. change the oil in the box as a cheap fix what is wrong with the box?
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