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  1. Been a tough week. I meant the FOC not OFT Ok I complained to nationwide, no go on PPI Got all my loan numbers etc from nationwide, 10 in total. Turns out after a while 9 were sucsessive loans over 10 yrs. It wasnt the OFT, im going potty it was the FOS i contacted, provided details, filled in 10 forms. Sent back and after an initial review of my paperwork and nationwides. ie signed credit agreements they said it is a claim they will review and looks positive. just on basis initial evidence So I filled a claim myself I had good sick pay, family and friends, insurance
  2. sorry just some thoughts here after reading others stories Could it be the amount of the potential claim? rulings changing and sheer number of complaint's? the banks have so much power? ahh im confused, ok lets see other threads to warn people if I've done something wrong in all this. Dont want others to fall foul
  3. I feel your pain and will follow advice above, I hope you get a resolve. I wont be giving upo that easy either. Sorry to hijack thread but I dont know if my case has any relevance to yours and replies may even help (under nationwide_username deano01959)... Got my head in hands at the mo so apoligies in advance and if not appropriate admins please feel free to delete, its no problem. Kind Regards Dean
  4. Hi All, Firstly please accept apoliogies if I've missed information on the forum. I have spent time looking around and am still stuck. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I put in a PPI claim with the FOS (updated) against nationwide over a year ago for 9 sucsessive personal loans dating back 10 yrs and 1 standalone. Due to a relationship breakup and becoming a single parent to my 12 year old son 2 years ago (plus being a bit silly with credit) I got myself in debt and am now on a DMP. This was around 6 mths ago (not sure is relevant but wanted to give all information in
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