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  1. Hopefully all sorted now. I spoke with a helpful person at customer services and been back to Phones4u store. Have another sim now with my correct phone number and linked to my account.
  2. Hi, on August 10th I was in my local Phones4u store and signed up for a contract with Orange. The first sim card the sales assistant put in didn't seem to work when she tried to register it and so put another in. The following day I went online and tried to register at Myorange but coudn't gain full access to my account. I then rang Orange and was asked usual security questions but was told that the phone number wasn't registered to me but to Mr X (name omitted for security). The Orange customer service advisor gave me his phone extension and said to tell the shop to ring him about registration error and he would sort it out. I went back to the shop and was told they weren't allowed to contact Orange on the phone number i had given them. They instead registered and gave me another sim card. I contacted Orange to see if everything was okay now but that phone number was also put on the account of Mr X. The Orange advisor said he would pass the matter to their fraud department but stated that he thought it was registration error. He also said fraud dept. would get in touch within 7 days. I also contacted Phones4u customer services and they said I would hear back within 5 working days.Never heard back from either ! Last night I managed to contact Orange at a UK call centre. The chap I spoke to said he normally did upgrades but was very interested in what had gone on . He told me that as well as putting 2 phone numbers on someone elses account, that on the 20th August they had put the oriiginal phone number with my name and account number on a phone with different IMEI. Also that it was a different type of contract to mine whichh had unlimited calls etc. He put a block on this phone and advised me to cancel contract at Phones4u. I have told my bank to cancel direct debit although they haven't received any request for payment yet . As the first payment was due yesterday I thought I would have another look at my Orange account online. There in front of me was the account of Mr X showing my 2 numbers as well as his account billing for the last few months. Big security breach here ! I am in the process of writing a letter of complaint to Phones4u as I would like to terminate the contract. Any advice on what to write would be helpful and whether I have good grounds for cancelling.
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