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  1. @Andy - I feel a little cheeky doing that, that said it's taken up a lot of my time as well as having to take two days off work, is it a simple process? If it is I'll give it a go and donate 50% to the site. Ford - Thanks and yes that's correct.
  2. I didn't know I could, I'm grateful for the help and that it went in my favour, also glad it's over now, I'm happy that we're square
  3. Hi Guys, the hearing was this morning and Westcot didn't turn up so the judge struck out the case I just wanted to again thank you all again for your fantastic invaluable advice and patience with me getting around it all I really do appreciate it and wouldn't of been able to deal with it without your help! Thanks again
  4. Got it Statute and Barred, I'll will stop over complicating now. Thanks again
  5. Good morning, I have a quick update. I worried initially that the dates may not quite work in my favour as I thought they were circa 2007. I have done some last minute digging around with Provident who don't hold any information for me but after some pushing gave me the number of their solicitors who confirmed that they passed on the debt to Wescot in October 2005 for £1200,which means that it is definitely SB as the judgement was recorded in May 2012, I'm confident that I've never had any communication or payment arrangements with Westcot. I just have one other question around the differ
  6. OK so I am having a bit of a panic as I don't feel prepped enough. My SB defence claim on the form is as advised and instructed by you all and quite brief. Should I have more information with me? i.e copies of old credit reports with nothing on them from Welcome/Provident, copy bank statements? I sent an SAR to Welcome and have had nothing back from them (should I take a copy of the request with me). When I called them they had no record of me so getting nothing back from them I guess isn't surprising. I haven't asked Westcot for anything, should I have sent them an SAR or something called a
  7. Hi all, so my court hearing is this Thursday, I'm going in with my SB defence, wish me luck!
  8. Hi again caggers! Just came home to a 'Notice of Hearing of Application' It states 'The hearing re limitation point (see copy attached - NO copy attached btw) will take place on 6 March 2014 at ...... County Court. It then goes on to to say that either party should contact them before hand if the case is settled before the hearing. I will call them tomorrow to find out a bit more, but do you think this is this usual? I guess the set aside was granted but now it seems to be relisted with another court date, is this for me to have the chance to submit my defence (in your opinion), I th
  9. Will do, thanks again all, fantastic help, advice and support on here. Anyone ever need any HR advice, feel free to ask.
  10. Thanks again, @TheMould, I don't have any reference to the POC, as the court has never provided me with the claim papers, I asked the judge and he just said you know what it relates to and read out the POC to me. From memory they stated that they had sent me numerous letters and that I had never responded to them, they then therefore issued court proceedings to my new address. I pointed out to the judge that this wasn't true as clearly the CCJ was recorded at my old address and that in 6 years at my newer address I had never recieved anything from the claimant. Is that helpful?
  11. Good morning, I am struggling to formulate the wording for my defence to the court and Westcot, I understand the concept and advice from the judge, but all I can come up with is that the debt is statute barred and therefore the CCJ application is null and void, can anyone provide me a starting point and any additional info that I may need to include? Thanks
  12. Hi, Apologies for not responding sooner, I have been away for a few days. Yes I recieved confirmation from the court to say that the judgement had been set aside and that I had until 4.30 on 17th September to send in my defence to the court and claimant. My first day back at work today so will put together response this evening and post on here for some feedback. Thanks again
  13. @CB I should have both letters finished today so I'll post them on here for review. I haven't claimed for any costs, I wasn't aware that I could.
  14. His exactish words were I am going to set aside the judgement but you need to write to the court and the claimant Wescot setting out your defence being that the debt is statute barred. He asked how long I needed to do this I said a couple of weeks and he gave me three. Will put together letters to both asap. Would it makd sense that he wanted to set aside so did but just didnt have anything substantial enough from me today so the defense I send will dot the i's and cross the t's as it were, he didn;t once elude to me having to come back to court just the letter.
  15. Hi, Just an update on today. Westcot were not at the hearing. The judge set aside the CCJ but said that I would need to write into the court and to Westcot confirming my SB defence within 3 weeks. In absence of any copies of any agreements and with Provident having no details for me at al, any suggestions? I am pretty confident now that no payments were made within the six year period, just need provident to find me to confirm... The judge gave me details of the claim which was submitted 11 June 2012 and in their statement Westcot actually said that they had made the c
  16. Thanks CB, as a side I just called Provident and they checked DOB, addresses, NI numbers etc and have nothing on file for me at all.
  17. @Caro, no I haven't seen any details of their claim. I asked the court to send me what they had, but they haven't sent anything to me. @ The Mould Current credit report shows nothing. I also have a credit report printed out from early 2011, there is nothing on there at all either that mentiones Westcot or Provident.
  18. Thanks all, a little confused but hopeful and more informed! Will post after hearing to advise on outcome. Enjoy the rest of your weekends
  19. I made the application straight away, Northampton wrote to me to acknowledge and then notified me of transfer to my local court in April, my local court then wrote to me at the end of April with a court date of August, hence the six months.
  20. I found out in March of this year after I applied for a credit report. I called the court straight away and they advised me to set aside as it was the first I knew about it.
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