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  1. Thanks everyone for your replies. I have decided to go with The Sheriffs Office as the HCEO, hopefully they are good. And I also used a tracing company to find out where she lives. It was a bit expensive, but hopefully will be worth it in the end.
  2. Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I think HCEO is the best option. I will try and transfer the CCJ to them. I think MCOL is ok to use for this? I've looked at the form and there are a few boxes I am not sure about. I haven't used MCOL before. @f16 I have her telephone number and bank account details. And the house was rented privately. When we initially rented the property from her, she actually gave us the wrong postcode for her house. She is very sneaky. She used to use a handyman for the maintenance of the house. But he is a very close family friend of hers and I don't know i
  3. No,she didn't protect it, which is why I got into this situation and went to the courts to try and get my money back. The more I think about it, the more HCEO makes more sense. But this is the dilemma: - I know she has a house. The one I was renting, which is now being rented out by someone else. - As far as I know she is now living at her parents house (but I could be wrong) - I don't know how much money she has in the bank. Or the value of her assets (apart from her house which is worth a lot) - I know she works part-time and has an income, as well as the inco
  4. Is there a way that I can know her address for sure? The land registry will only be able to tell me who live at a particular address right? Can I do a search on a persons name to find out where they are currently living?
  5. Thanks. I will do some research on whether she property is mortgaged. I am quite sure she is the legal title holder and she isn't married. But better safe than sorry. I'm just trying to play this scenario out in my head. So I ask for Oral Examination and she doesn't turn up, then a warrant of arrest is issued. Can I still go to HCEO at that point?
  6. This has actually been my main worry. I don't know what the law is when it comes to this. The house that she actually owns is the one that we were renting (which is now rented by someone else). And she was living at her parent house during that time. This is the only other address that I have of hers, which is where all correspondence has been going. My worry now is that she may not be living with her parents any more and may be at another address which I do not know about. I know she has been getting the letters, but she if she has another property she can plead ignorance. I don't know how to
  7. Thanks, yes the CCJ was posted by the courts to the LL. When you said personally, I thought you meant given by hand to LL. I was leaning towards using the HCEO. Bankruptcy is appealing too, but I think this will take a long time right?
  8. Sorry, when you say serve it personally. Which document are you referring to? I haven't taken things further since the LL didn't respond to the CCJ. Also the LL is an individual and not tied to any company.
  9. So here is the story so far. I moved out of a rented property in Aug 2013, the landlord refused to give back the deposit. I have taken this to the county court and they have recently sent a CCJ to the landlord for nearly £12,000. The landlord has so far ignored all communications from myself and the court, and also didn't attend the court date. Hence I was given the judgement by default. I now want to taken the next steps to enforce the judgement and recover the money. I know what my options are, I just don't know which was will be most effective in my situation. I also
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