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  1. thinking larger, green and mean, if you could get in for me, would you have paid my fine for me?
  2. I did try again and its gone through. that'll teach me for trying to pay my debts straightaway - within eighteen hours of the ticket being applied to my car. and ringing the payment line. and emailing the payments office. I wonder if me emailing the office stating the correctly printed (but not accepted serial number) allowed the office to alter its records to allow it to accept my cash? I'm not paranoid, they are out to get me - see, they found my car! thanks for helping here. steve
  3. okay, I'll try again now. I got to the pay page, but entering that data produced a red exclamation mark and no progress.
  4. BN70099187 - thats the faulty serial number, not the quantity of digits
  5. I have a legitimately issued PCN from Bath and North East Somerset Council. The serial number on the ticket (NOT the index number of my car) is wrong - online payments won't accept and the payment line says too few digits in it to find it to pay it. Does the inability to pay it invalidate it? Steve
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