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  1. Got an email address for them? I can just forward what i've got
  2. Ok, all sorted... £616 to be paid back in 6 months, interest frozen and none of these insane fees. If I put emails recieved on here would it invalidate my agreement? as they both come with 'do not disclose' notices. Obviously as i've sorted it out I don't want to break the terms and wind up with interest being added, but I really want to help others who have had problems. Main advice is, don't back down or get angry at any point... Wait for them to start telling you to pay the debt and then complain to the ombudsman about the behaviour of their staff. Also don't use the form they have on their page, you can't make a copy to show you sent anything.
  3. It looks like everything is sorted out! I'll show copies of emails when it is all sorted so people can refer to them if they need help but the fee's have been taken off for collection/solicitors and interest is being frozen. There is one part of the email i'm confirming with them before I'm confident that all will be dealt with. When i'm debt free i'm definately putting in a donation to this site, the help from you guys has been invaluable.
  4. I'm a little suprised, they've just text me an email address for my agent with 'legal'
  5. The day has came where NDR have phoned me for the first time... I told them straight away that there was no way i'd confirm any arrangement on the phone. They had an offer planned so I raised my grievance with them. The offer tabled via email was as follows. I've called back asking for an email address to reply to, they don't have one... just an online form... Tried explaining that I won't have a copy of the form so thats not an option, 'legal team' are looking into it, no mention of the frozen interest on the email too. I do admire them constantly trying to get me to accept on the phone though, it's cute... but a waste of their time. Also trying to get them to send a breakdown of the costs and trying to find out who their solicitors are and why they charge £150 for pre-preparation is fun. Am i going about this the right way?
  6. Yeah have had a look, thought he would've learnt by now. Is funny how none of the companies he owns is worth anything, they also haven't done a credit check on me.. it's just like a catalogue of how not to run a business.
  7. I decided to look into the companies... Web Loans Processing Limited are a dormant company, the active company is web loans processing holdings limited. I've never recieved anything from the active company, silly people not updating their paperwork to show the new company name and registration number.
  8. Thanks for the advice If they call me i'm not the type to just back down so I'm not too worried about that, they've already tried the scare tactics and i've read up on what to expect. Recorded delivery it shall be.
  9. Even if they state they do before you go through to talk to someone. Ombudsman is sending through a letter asking them to wait for contact until the 8 weeks are up for them to officially reply to my complaint. Cheers for the advice guys, and no, definately no more pay day loans for moi!
  10. Been stuck in a little bit of a toothfairy wrangle (my god I wish I googled them first)... I've actually used the company quite a lot and because I've never had a problem paying back all has been good. Took out a £400 at the end of June but then in the first weeks of July unfortunately circumstances changed where we had £800 of unexpected bills with the car ... We had a couple of PDL's going so I rang them all straight away being honest and actually got some great responses to where I have come to perfectly reasonable deals, apart from Toothfairy. Toothfairy's stance from the outset was to change from the happy you are an amazing customer to pretty nasty straight away and told me that it's ok I had until the 24th August to pay, I told them that this wouldn't be able to happen as it'll take me a couple of months to get fully back on track so the earliest I could pay was the last working day of October. Obviously they ignored me totally and the debt started to rack up, got the usual texts and emails saying it is overdue, so I speak to the national debtline to get some advice and decided to call to try to come to a deal again. Speak to NDR who get toothfairy to send me an email saying that Payment plans can be available. Call fairy and explain to the manager that my circumstances have changed a, and she said to fax over the details and they'll look into it, it cannot be emailed as they do not have an email address... of course when I go to check if they recieved the fax, it hasn't arrived. When finding out it 'hasn't arrived' I call up to complain, get a really angry South African guy shouting down the phone about how I shouldn't have taken out a loan if I couldn't afford it, i had to pay by the 24th August or the bill (which by this point will be £656 - which I can accept) will go up to a massive amount and £350 will be added on if it goes to their collection agency NDR, I inform him that I just recieved a letter from Toothfairy legal team that the debt was supposed to go over on 17.08.13 and that I am not happy, he tells me the balance when it goes over to NDR would be £1002. Ironically during the phone call I check my email and one pops up saying that it will be passed over on 24.08.13, the guy on the phone continues to be rude and I say i'll speak to NDR. NDR can't talk about it because it hasn't been passed over yet but can knock 'hundreds' off the £1002 that has been quoted if its paid quickly. I complain to the financial ombudsman about the general attitude of the company and how I'm disgusted that they say they have procedures for if you have a financial difficulty but don't actually follow them up. On the 20th i get a voicemail from Marshall Hoares Baliffs, when calling them back they apologise for calling me which I tell them they should be apologising because it hasn't even gone to NDR yet! I speak to toothfairy to get a call back from a manager, which never happens. Yesterday is when it all got very very dodgy... I call toothfairy again to complain about a baliff calling me, get the same south african guy who decides to start having a go at me again, i tell him very specifically I will not be speaking about the debt on the phone and need the correct address for the company... So he starts to tell me that it's my own fault i'm in this problem and that I shouldn't be taking out loans if I can't afford them (at the time I could), I get fed up and ask to speak to his manager. He suddenly has the address ready, I take down the address and tell him that I still need to discuss his attitude with his manager because at current I am still a toothfairy customer... No managers are available and all are in a meeting (that could last forever by the sounds of it). I decide to then call NDR again to see if I can come to an early solution... definately calling the correct number and having to listen to the opening NDR intro guess who answers the phone The same south african guy who makes the mistake of saying 'Is that Craig, i'm calling you from Toothfairy i am one of the managers' If you are going to try to lie make sure you have a voice that isn't easily distinguishable! Tell him that I'm glad they record phone conversations so i'll be asking for these back and if he tries to delete it I have a record of the numbers i've called including call times. I've looked at the contract and it does say charges of £350 will be applied after 56 days, but now finding out it's exactly the same people (literally!) is there a way to fight this crazy charge. £200 is to NDR and £150 is solicitors fees.
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