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  1. Have you asked about a confidence course? I'm sure they had something like that when I was with them. As for contact with employers you could go around town where you live and ask if they have any vacancies, yes or no you can still leave a copy of your CV with them which counts as a contact, if you don't feel confident enough to do that then you could just not and say you did. Ingeus are useless and as admitted last week by my WP returner advisor "A complete waste of time and money". They've taken on way too many clients than they can handle and as a result they have no time to
  2. Hello, Had a visit from the TV License goons a few months ago (when I accidentally opened the door thinking it was a parcel deliveryI had been waiting for) and was caught on the spot. Didn't let the guy inside and just stood at the door giving details while he filled in a form, the details I gave to the TVL guy were a mix of correct and false, first name was correct but gave a completely different fake/false surname, I should also mention that I never asked me to sign anything so they have nothing with my signature on it. This morning got a letter from the court saying has
  3. Hello, OK it's probably a teeny tiny bit early to ask this question but I was wondering if anyone knew the dates the Job Centre will be open during the Christmas/New Year period this year? They usually release the dates on a website somewhere but I cant find it. I want to go spend Christmas with my sister in Peterborough this year (I live in Leeds) and one of my signing days falls on Friday 27th December, knowing my luck it will be open on that day and I will have to rush back to Leeds to make my appointment at 9AM lol. Someone told me you can book a "holiday" from signing
  4. Do what I did, at the end of your meeting with your advisor they usually look on their computer to book you a new appointment, when your advisor tells you a date and time just tell them you wont be able to make it on that day/time because you're doing something else (make something up..waiting for a delivery, carpet fitters etc lol). Everyone here knows exactly how useless Ingeus advisors are and they make you sit there for ages while they talk absolutely cr*p..so just feed them some cr*p and get yourself a later appointment. The best excuse I use to use was that I had to be home bec
  5. Anyone who has finished the work program (Ingeus etc) and are about to be sent to a weekly job centre advisor or already is with one I just want to point out again (as others have) that you do NOT have to use the Universal Jobmatch website and you do NOT have to give your advisor permission to view it. They can't force you to use it and you will NOT be sanctioned if you refuse..so ignore your advisors "threats" if they try to force you in to it. I hate the jobmatch site when you register is gives you a long random unmemorable number to use as your login, who the heck can remember that ever
  6. Ingeus (is that meant to be an anagram of Genius?) is just another of the governments epic fail work programs that needs to be shut down and stop wasting money. They pay Ingeus about £500 per person who goes there and just like the other programs (Best, A4E) all it is is job search. You see an "advisor" who takes down some details, says "Welcome to Ingeus" and then outlines the master plan to get you back in to work which consists of you searching the internet for jobs and applying for any you find suitable....so exactly the same as what I have been doing then before I came here. In the c
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