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  1. Did you get anything out of this in the end.? Mine was so poor then 3 months ago Infinity was offered in our area and my 0.5mbps on a good day service now runs at 38Mbps download and around 9Mbps upload, I cannot tell you how happy I was. I have heard of a new low cost satellite service coming soon so it may just be a ruddy waiting game here.
  2. This site talks about you being able to cancel - no problems which is what I have always seen on price increases with the usual blurb. Oh I just thought I might not be able to post the link - here is the excert Plusnet began contacting customers that will be impacted by the changes last month and by 1st September all should have heard from the firm. Those affected will be able to terminate their contracts without incurring a fee. But if you wish to do this you need to contact Plusnet within ten days of receiving notification.
  3. There are lots of stupid people breaking the law and lots of people taking advantage of stupid people with ID theft when they send documents that you can use to obtain credit with or to use for forging.. Its case of we should know better... In the mean time the minute you get done for speeding remember your last comment.. fyi the course had people from 17 to well into their late life
  4. Are you paying back 700 in £5 instalment per month? You will only pay £60 per year so 2014 you would have paid £600 so straight repayment you are 2015-2016 before this is paid. Now put on interest and you may be a further year or so done.. I would up your DD if you can to get rid of it or I have got it completely wrong. I see you say they have upped the payment. Its a credit agreement too they cannot do this without informing you why and most personal loans are fixed unsecured loans. Ask the questions and do not underestimate the advice given to you about cancelling down the free trial for the credit score, there is a number you need to call, it is automated too from what I recall but dont put it off and put a diary note on the fridge to not forget
  5. I agree with Kaiserfarrow - admit guilt and then as you are and there is no doubt about this, an immediate ban would be 75mph so you are over. I would ask if the camera can be confirmed to be valid I think its a calibration report of some sort given it is 3 miles over and you need to get supporting evidence around your job ie it needs a license for x / y and your hardship if you lost your license. the mess you have is the rule of 6 points and you lose your license during the first 2 years though. So I think your only hope is the calibration report being out so you can try and argue this but still be guilty and then take the fixed 3 point and fine option that should be available to you... anything over 75 expect the court to ban you for a period of time and if they give you 6 points then retest also so it is really important you get a decent lawyer to support you here with supporting evidence from employee's partners family etc and somone that can argue against the ruling that the motorways are 70 normally, unlucky yada yada yada ... best of luck
  6. It must be different by region or relaxed rules exist as I got done for doing 40 in a 30 and I got offered a speed awareness course. The course was funny as it was a lovely old couple running it and it was £20 more. Whilst I was waiting to do the course (delays with snow) I got caught again but the letter only came in after I did the course and again it was 40 in a 30 and again I was offered the course when you shouldnt as you can only take it once within a certain period. I took the 3 points. The letter I got was weird too as it said speeding and it also said a light violation so when I sent it off I was really worried but now I have 3 points rather shoddily written on my license, oh they make you send it your piccy license too with no thought for ID theft, stupid people
  7. I cannot believe the advice about it being 10 or a grand, just shows how shocking the industry has got - just get your new car and keep your policy going but change the details..
  8. I bought two cars from Longford cars the first one was 4.5k and the second was 5k and I was worried about moving what I class as large sums of money. I PX'd the first back to him for the golf after about 2 year and the second also as I got a company car enforced on me in a new job after redundancy which I was paid for promptly.. Maybe I was lucky but no need for any bayliffs. One was a fiat and the other a Golf. The fiat was a great car with all the toys in it and problems I had were down to wear and tear and a gear box fuse after a year as I do 15-20k miles per year. I swapped this for a Golf and this car was great as my car allowance basically paid it off and some and the only problems I had with this were again wear and tear in tyres and the aircon unit after again around a year so I cannot push fault here also. I see there is a lot of bad press about this and if I had seen this I would have not bought a car for him too which is a bit unfair given both of mine were great cars, my wife actually fell preggie when we had the stilo and it was the car that bought my daughter home. No doubt I will get backlash but I can say its not all bad but I wouldn't buy a cheap car that is old without expecting some problems. I had a escort before this from a trustworthy garage in Coventry before this and they stung me with a really high loan to pay for it and the alarm packed up quickly as well as the exhast etc. I put this down to it being a crap car. The car before was sold by a friend and within a year it had cost me more than I paid for it and the MOT was more than the insurance so I expect some bad luck and was pleasantly surprised.
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