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  1. Thank you Jerry. I will try again to speak with the solicitor on Monday to see if they accept the probate form in order to continue. If not I will do as you suggest. Tracey
  2. I am the executor of the will. I provided Nat West with everything they asked for (Bereavement and Estate Teams). They forwarded on everything to the Mortgage team in August 2012 and advised that that department would be in touch with me. They never did. By January 2012 the Bereavement Team had forwarded on several emergency emails requesting the redemption statement and contact with me. They never did. By March I telephoned the Bereavement Team (as you could never get hold of the Mortgage Team), and said I had had enough and was going to the Uk (I live in Canada) to sort it out. The Mor
  3. Hi, I am in the same predicament. My former husband died July 2012. I telephoned NatWest to find out whether I had to continue to pay the mortgage and they said I could not as the account was frozen and closed. At that stage I did not know if there was a life insurance policy which was up to date. Unfortunately he stopped paying it. So after many many letters asking for the redemption figure and a visit to the bank (I live in Canada so had to pay for a flight), they still would not speak with me. They are still adding charges, even though they said it was frozen. They have held up prob
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