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  1. Thank you Andy! Just to confirm. I need to: 1. Complete the MCOL and get the claim number 2. Send all documents, evidence, receipts, copies of emails, etc... to Alitalia, referencing the MCOL claim number 3. File form N215 with Northampton County Court, and include all documents I sent to Alitalia When I send the documents to Alitalia, is there a legal template/paragraph I could follow to inform them that a court claim has been made (other than referencing the MCOL claim number)? ----- Practice Direction 7 e: 6.1 Where the particulars of claim are served by the claim
  2. Hello I need help to clarify a few questions regarding filing a claim against Alitalia. I am in the process of filing a court claim against Alitalia because they delayed our luggage on a trip my wife and I did in July to attend a friend's wedding in Italy. Alitalia delayed our luggage by more than 36 hours. All our formal wedding clothes and shoes were in that bag and so we had nothing for the two wedding events. Alitalia call center told us to go and buy replacement clothes and they'll reimburse us. we specifically asked if there was an upper limit and they told us (and told the
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