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  1. Hi again Ell-enn I have just checked my bank statements for the past 12 months as this is as far as i could go back on line and I have not missed a single payment for either account !! Don't know if this makes a difference or will help with my defence ?? Thanks
  2. And what do you advise I do about sending in evidence/information about my sons disability Thanks
  3. The amount of arrears is currently £6799 And can I just say thanks for your advice so far it is really appreciated kind regards Matt
  4. Hi and thanks for the reply I have not yet submitted my offer in writing but I will do tomorrow also when I told them about my sons disability they asked for evidence of this should I send it ?? The reason for the original arrears was due to unemployment and past agreements for arrears repayments have been broken due to self employment in the past. I have been working for a good company for the last 2 years and my pay is constant. Do I have to wait for my eviction notice before I get a244 form from the court and do I need to collect this in person ?? The arrears were £6265 but have i
  5. Hi i originally had a suspended court order back in 2011 and have not missed a payment since but the payments we not always in time but still paid and with as much extra as i could pay that month. I missed my mortgage payment by 19 days last month and now have a pending eviction notice looming I have not received it yet I'm I arrears of £6700 and have been making monthly payments plus extra to pay off the arrears. I contacted GE yesterday and offered to pay £2000 off the arrears and increase my extra arrears payment to £100 but this was declined due to the number of broken agreements I was un
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