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  1. Hi, Just to let you all know, the original decision of mine to close the topic was because i was potentially going down the route of a solicitor. I have asked the admin to re-open this topic so i can give you a follow up on the outcome, which i have been fighting my a$$ off for the past 3 months and help any one who ever gets in the same situation as me. Let me start by explaining again briefly what happened on the day of the incident. In a nutshell, like a complete idiot, i managed to get myself in a very stupid situation by attempting to get away with purchasin
  2. These are in a letter from transport investigations. This is all getting too much for me now, really from the start it was a stupid mistake that i regret yes but all this over a £1.20 fare its unbelievable. There is a quote that i said"yes i got a childs ticket from the machine even though im 25" utter rubbish i didnt say that, another quote saying when he asked if i intended to avoid the fare it says i replied "yes" when i clearly replied no!!!!! The fact is i was then made to sign forms etc and the whole situation i didnt even read it so he could of quite easily realised my nievtey and got a
  3. They have replied today and to my suprise they have basically sent quotes from an apparent conversation i had Admitting intending to avoid fare. The quotes are complete lies and this whole affair now is making me very angry. These people have the powers to do such things pick out people they want to pick and let off the people they want to let off. There is two quotes on there that are complete lies and i would like to add i could hardly understand a word this so called inspector was saying as he was hiding his face 99% of the time behind his hi-vis jacket. i have already admitted what i di
  4. Do you think at this point it would be worth getting a solisitor to help with the matter regarding settling? how long do you get to respond to the summons? Cheers
  5. Stigy is there anyway i can message you ? it wont let me on here cheers
  6. I have called them this morning and they have recieved my letter and they have told me my file is " on hold" so hopefully they are considering it really hope so
  7. Do you know much about the conviction with regards to entering the USA? Was hoping to go next year another worry i now have. Been reading though there are exceptions to their moral turpitude question something along the line of if the conviction doesnt carry a max prison sentance of 1 year?
  8. Thank you, i thought attending court may mean more costs, but if not i do actually think i would attend in this case to meet them and like you say try and settle with out the need for court, saying that, if they dont accept £350 i dont think there is much chance of them accepting anything really.
  9. like i said, it was a silly stupid mistake and without putting the blame on anyone else it was a friend who got the tickets from the machine, its my fault for not changing the ticket. I actually travel on the trains alot every year for football away games, i also use to travel every single day of the week and i have ALWAYS paid the correct fare. I am not saying i dont deserve to get away without a prosecution however i do find it very harsh given its my first ever offence on the trains and i am actually a very genuine hard working person. i am certainly n
  10. If i plead guilty (which i will) but still go to court, what difference is this to pleading guilty but not attending? thanks again for your reply. It was a silly mistake that i can honestly say i will never do again, we all live and learn dont we. Thank you
  11. Also when you say meet with the proecutor how is this possible? I cant see why they would rather not settle out of court And im not even sure on the fare it was not much put it like that!
  12. thank you very much for the reply. do you actually think they will even reply to my letter today offering £350? to be honest i know it sounds over the top i would pay more than £350 if needed maybe i should have offered more.
  13. Yes but to be honest did not see what else i could do at this stage hence the reason for asking about the charge as i am now expecting it.
  14. Hi Honeybee, in a nutshell i got caught with a child's ticket, it was a stupid mistake for a one step fair. I have honestly and genuinely learnt my lesson. The thing that pains me the most is i was very honest with the RPI and he said he would allow me to pay an on the spot £20 fine, but when waiting to do this (there must have been 30 odd people caught paying fines - it was actually carnage at the time) another RPI came over and said no you are not paying it and took my details and a statement etc. Like i said before, i have grovelled to my hearts content, but th
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