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  1. Should I write to legalcare or get back to the solicitors?
  2. start of june - I do not recall seeing anything, sent a question that the person asked for more detail, which I could not give because there was a word limit and no way to add an attachement!
  3. Hi, I have also been stung by this site and only new when I was contacted by GPB Solicitors, with the usual £278+£50 costs. I told them I will not be paying it as I cancelled via Paypal and have received no reminders, no emails, no response to the question through email and cancelled through Paypal within 14 days. Had I of wanted to continue I would not have cancelled my Paypal setup to them. I was unaware of their T&C's and am glad to see I am not the only one, this was in June. I have contacted the OFT and Trading Standards and wondered what the next course of action should be - contact
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