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  1. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?400492-Cash4phones-help-with-MCOL-**WON-AND-ALL-COSTS-TOO**(1-Viewing)-nbsp Didn't realise they'd done a bunk. Keep tracking them.
  2. My court papers in September had Savvas Koumouris on. The address I had was C4P Trading Ltd, Unit 15, Gateway Mews, N11 2UT
  3. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?400492-Cash4phones-help-with-MCOL-**WON-AND-ALL-COSTS-TOO**(1-Viewing)-nbsp Read my thread. Send a letter to the address to the Director mentioned in the link. Send it recorded delivery requesting your phone back or 10 days to issue payment otherwise court action will be taken. Don't give up on them. They will not answer the phone or emails but try by post still. Everyone is on to them.
  4. They intended to defend part of my claim and paid part of it immediately. When I received the next lot of paperwork it asked if I wanted to go to mediation or issue a warrant so I said mediation. They paid up before an appointment phone call was made.
  5. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?400492-Cash4phones-help-with-MCOL-**WON-AND-ALL-COSTS-TOO**(1-Viewing)-nbsp
  6. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?400492-Cash4phones-help-with-MCOL-**WON-AND-ALL-COSTS-TOO**(1-Viewing)-nbsp Look at my link for information. Message me if you want any help. Won every penny from them.
  7. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?400492-Cash4phones-help-with-MCOL-**WON-AND-ALL-COSTS-TOO**(1-Viewing)-nbsp Look at my link Carie. I claimed for postage costs, telephone costs, court costs and the price of the original offer. No one requested any proof but it was there if they wanted it. Eventually took it to MCOL which cost £25. They disputed it so I signed the papers from the courts saying I wanted to go ahead and they backed down. Took me 4 months but it was worth it. Received all my expenses plus the cost of the phone. Don't give up on them. Good luck. message me if you want any help.
  8. Piers Crowley is someone that rang me originally and was reluctant to give me any details about himself but did eventually give me his email address. Someone called Frank rang and asked how much money I wanted so I said the full amount. This was when I'd already accepted it to go to mediation. He said he would speak to the finance department and get it sorted straight away and he did! Surprise! i had to tell him I was happy to take it to court so they still queried it until the end. Glad I stuck to my guns! The name on the court papers was SAVVAS KOUMOURIS - DIRECTOR C4P Trading Ltd, Unit 15, Gateway Mews N11 2UT. Hope this helps. I've already gone through Citizens Advice Bureau and reported it to the Trading Standards.
  9. Yes I opened up my own thread and have posted on there. Took them to court and won every penny including court costs! Don't give up on them. They backed down before it went to court. I claimed for the full amount they offered originally, postage, phone calls and £25 court costs and they paid. QUOTE=Conniff;4413491]Well this one seems to have died a death, did you ever issue a court claim, you had all the proof required that it was not damaged on receipt in their stance that it has wear and tear and not claiming it is damaged. ??????????
  10. :lol:Great News! I have finally received all my money in full including costs! Didn't want C4P following any threads so didn't post. Sent the phones off in July expecting £163. Got offered £55. No answering of telephones, no response to recorded delivery letters and then finally received a call from Piers in August offering £100. I was so sick of the company I accepted, providing it was paid within 48 hours which he confirmed it would. No payment, no replies to emails or calls so took action through Money Claims Online claiming for postage, phone calls and £25 court costs. Received £100 immediately at the beginning of September but it was too late so proceeded to get the rest of the money. I finally completed the paperwork requesting for it to go to mediation through a phonecall to save on costs. Frank from C4P rang me last week asking what I wanted and I told him I wanted costs covering and would continue with court action until I got them and he said he would sort payment out. I'm actually still waiting for the next action with the courts and checked my bank account and hey presto, there's my money paid - another £98. Result! DO NOT GIVE UP ON THIS COMPANY. They need closing down but unless people are willing to take action, they will continue to rip people off.
  11. I've already sent 2 letters recorded and this is why I had the phone call. Had a personal email address which I have since emailed stating I will continue to take action further. They've had plenty of notice.
  12. No nothing. As before not answering emails or Phone. Even got a personal email address which had a response first time. Not replying now.
  13. I have never accepted the offer on their site but told the member of staff in the telephone call if payment was received immediately, to put an end to the matter I would accept. As they are still refusing to pay or answer emails I have no option but to take it further. Do you think I'm wasting my time?
  14. I am having the same problem as many others with cash4phones. Same story, offering lower saying phones were scratched etc. I have sent 2 recorded delivery letters, the first one with photographic evidence of my phones and the second one stating I wanted to resolve the matter. I finally received a call from a member of staff who doubled the lower offer and said it would be paid into my bank account within 48 hours. As I wanted the matter resolved I accepted this. However, 10 days later and several more emails to them I have now decided to start legal proceedings. I have registered on the MCOL but it only give 1000 characters. I'm worried I can't put all the details down that I want even though it's saying "a brief statement". Can you advise what to put?
  15. Hi Exactly the same problems. Cash4phones claim they have already recycled my phones due to me not responding within the 5 day period. I constantly rang - they do not answer the phone, and emailed - they do not respond. I have since send recorded delivery letters and they have responded, offering more money but still not paying. I would like to take this further through the moneyclaims.gov.uk and have read speck1965 link. Does anyone know how long court action takes? The fact I accepted a lower offer (not the original low) if they paid within a time period, does this affect me claiming for the full amount they initially said they would send? Would appreciate any advice.
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