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  1. Date Costs Amount Total 07-Sep hearing attendance 1 @ £18 £18 21-Nov hearing attendance 1 @ £18 £18 15-Dec hearing attendance 3 @ £18 £54 07-Sep loss of earnings 7.5 @ £9 £67.50 21-Nov loss of earnings 7.5 @ £9 £67.50 15-Dec loss of earnings 7.5 @ £9 £67.50 Jun-16 Appeal Submission Preperation 10 @ £18 £180 Dec-16 Appeal Hearing Preperation & Admin 5 @ £18 £90 Jun-16 Appeal cost £95 £95 Nov-16 Transcription £60 £60 Jun16- Dec 16 Ink, Stationary and paper £33 Total £750.00
  2. Residing at the address that should have been. Local authority emails do form part of my disclosure Isit normal to pay for a solictor and barrister for costs awards Can anyone assist in drafting me a litigant in person cost template
  3. I appreciate your feedback. Further to your points I have 3 tenancy agreements from the period in question from the local authority. Each and every time the local authority advised the water provider of my move. Hands up back in 2008 I failed to inform the water undertaker directly however had they been provided active they would have identified the change of occupation sooner. It will all come down the the judge tomorrow and I may just cry myself to sleep tomorrow. On the other hand this could be a landmark ruling and the longest duration you can get billed by a water company is 6 months, similar consists with electric and gas suppliers with back billing laws. The water company accept I was not advised the address the evidence supports this so is it really justified to slam me with the charges.
  4. The reason for the delay is due to the short notice provided and reliance on the chambers to draft the argument. Take note the skeleton argument he's been drafted by a barrister chambers no longer the solicitor. My final argument is much more structured however includes addresses and names hence the above only being posted here
  5. This is the argument that I will have to go with. I fail to see the relevance and or justification of some points within their defence, I just hope the judge on the day will allow common sense to prevail I have mentioned in this document that surely it is the water providers obligation to investigate missed meter readings pdf literature water.pd.pdf
  6. It is written into the water company's code of conduct that meters will be read every 6 months. I have checked my postcode and reading months are March and October. So Veolia were in attendance to read the meters
  7. Why wouldn't section 144 b apply it's written into the statue of law A skeleton argument has not been requested from myself due to the fact it's already been provided in a statement form for the permission hearing.
  8. Welsh water were not acting on the account at time in question, fredricksons were, they were advised in many collection calls that I had vacated the address. In total 3 visits by Veolia their appointed representative. The supply is metered Frederick's ons did not advice Welsh water and a SAR has been useless as over 6 years ago
  9. her is the respondents argument filed this morning with the court I am at a total loss, this has been written by a barrister Respondent_s Skeleton-12717084_1-[234].pdf
  10. I will be there unless I have an email from the court prior to advice otherwise. Hopefully will know more on their position tomorrow
  11. I just want it over and done with the appeal is purely on the section 144 as to when was the relevant date. I'm hoping this is a sign they are not continuing the battle and will not attend
  12. This was my initial thought however I need to know how they intend to defend the case. I don't want to be put on the spot I need to be prepared. I will makes sure the court are fully aware it was filed late This is the case in a nut shell all comes down to section 144 it is ordered that....pdf
  13. 4 days until the appeal a long year battle all comes down to 3 hours. The Respondent has failed to file their skeleton argument as ordered by Thursday. I will contact the courts regarding this failure tomorrow. Thursday is the hearing
  14. Update Case adjourned until February my emotions got the better of me as their representative was making false representations. However it was called at 10am and adjourned for half hour for the energy company to confirm they wish to proceed. When we went back in I had a prepared statement and a bundle which the court initially refused to accept stating that they are there for warrant only and nothing else to which I responded I appreciate that however for you to make an informed decision surely you need visibility of all the facts. They proceed to take my bundles one each for the 3 magistrates myself and grovesnor and the legal advisor for the bench who is totally impartial and decent. The bundle revealed that:- 1.There is an ongoing case with the ombudsman 2.my initial complaint in Sep 2014 took 19 months for a deadlock letter to be issued may 2016 3.face 2 face were instructed prior to grovesnor. They obtained entry by knocking and their compliance offer made an executive decison to no longer act in the matter 4.the revised deadlock for the ombudsman was only issued in November 2016 5. That Ovo are giving me 3 options #Pay the 4000 debt #Pay for a meter accuracy test I have asked them to pay 50% of which they refuse. #Finally continue the warrant process have a Pre paid meter with debt loaded and 20% of all top ups deducted 6.BETWEEN 02/09/2014 TO 19/09/2014 SOME 17 DAYS I APPARENTLY CONSUMED 330 UNITS OF GAS YET IN THE NEXT CONSECUTIVE 19 DAY PERIOD ONLY 62 UNITS WERE USED. REALLY........ Grovesnor put their case forward and stated I last made a payment in Sep 2014 of £130.00. They also claimed that they have had no contact with me since then. The bench were asking grovesnor questions which they were unable to answer to the extend they asked him outright "is this a commercial property in question as £2000 per an annum does not appear to be correct" to which he responded - "I'm a self employed agent just doing my job I can only say what ovo disclose however it does seem rather high" I then said I tell you what issue the warrant for disconnection only no pre payment meter. I'll have no gas in winter for a few nights but at least I can put an end to this stress and pay another supplier to reconnect and supply me. The bench looked at me shocked and said are you saying you want us to issue the warrant and I responded and said yes purely for disconnection as it is my belief you have no jurisdiction for debt matters and disputes so if your options are only disconnect or install a prepayment meter then disconnect me as I am not having a Pre payment meter with a large disputed debt loaded, that's just setting myself up to fail and would be an injustice. I think my point was made and the bench asked one final question to grovesnor? Would you fit a prepayment meter for current charges and let the ombudsman investigate previous charges to which they said NO we need to recover £4000 The bench retired I was not called to the stand however throughout the panel refered to me asking questions and I was speaking after grovesnor maybe not the best to do in court but no objections were raised. The bench returned and addressed me first said they can appreciate this matter is causing stress and they do sympathise with me however they must remain impartial, they went on to say that I was well prepared for the court and raised several valid objections it's disappointing the same can not be said for the claimant as the representative here today is unable to provide us with much specific information. We will adjourn this for 2 months however Mr xxx we expect you to do nothing further and be assured all debt collection practises will be put on hold. They then addressed the grovesnor rep on behalf of ovo and stated By the next hearing we want counter signed bills from ovo confirming the money is actually due. We also require a full investigation into the bills from 2014 as it's apparent there is a discrepancy 330 units in 17 days yet only 62 the following 19 days. We also require Ovo to maintain two weekly contact with the ombudsman. We also suggest the meter is tested. The hearing ended and no warrant was given. Grovesnor literally run out of court as I packed my stuff up and put coat one of the magistrates called me and said By the time you come back in February should Ovo persist can you make minimal payment for your benefit say £40 a month for current charges as you will owe them some monies for what you're currently using I obviously agreed and that was that. I will also add that prior to being called I had a security guard stood at my side. The rep for ovo approached me and I kindly asked him to go away and we will discuss in court. He persisted and I said leave me now. He did and made a phone call. He then returned and starting talking to me again to which I said did I not just say leave me alone we will talk in court and he replied but we can sort this. To which I shouted do you not speak English get away from me I've told you 3 times, bare in mind I was sitting down and I'm trying 5ft 6 and this idiot was standing over me looking down on me speaking. So security took him in a private room and stood next to me till we were called
  15. It's laughable I've been through this in 2014 also and they backed out. They're going full force this time however I will not back down. I think the magistrates will be surprised when I arrive with my 7 bundles of 25 pages and ask them do they consider themselves to have jurisdiction to deal with the matter or should it be in the civil court. The magistrates stated last time that the application was purely to fit a Pre payment meter they were shocked when I said yes with the balance loaded. I have an unltimation email from ovo saying pay up or have a meter with 4000 debt loaded choice is your. Escalated debt specialist.
  16. Back to court tomorrow with this. No further forward with the ombudsman. This process through the magistrates court when there is an evident dispute is not consumer friendly. I'm at a loss how to stop this action It was awful. I was frowned upon for being there and told people hardly turn up you'll need to bare with us until we can fit you in. I was there for 2 hours in total. 10 minutes in court. Legal Advisor for the magistrates came out prior and asked me in public waiting room why was I attending. I have to go back tomorrow
  17. Appeal is listed December 15th I really didn't expect this so soon they have said Summer 2017 all along The judge has requested a skeleton argument from the Respondent 7 days prior to hearing
  18. The judge is requesting the claimant submit a skeleton argument in the state of law prior so once that is filed I will need help. Martin2006 this appeal was submitted due to your advice and links to facts. Much appreciated as I'm aware not many appeals do get accepted however you encouraged me to dig and I happened to stumble across an aspect of law/statue that has allowed the appeal
  19. I did indeed and the judge has extended the stay and will be writing to them regarding the enforcement and breach of his stay. No date set yet
  20. Permission to appeal granted ☺☺ had a heating this am with full transcript disclosed It's been worth the battle one more court date for the appeal hearing and this should be over
  21. First things first, submit a written formal complaint. They have 10 days to respond. ( their policy) The response will allow further advice to be given and to proceed through third parties you will need their formal response to your concerns
  22. These idiots today decided they would walk in through an unlocked door to read my meter. Yes that's right they obtained entry without knocking. Ok yes I do currently have building works due to gas issues and the system being replaced and there are caution signs outside saying loose floor boards and hot working area however surely this does not grant welsh water the right of access. When I confronted the individual he failed to produce any warrent. His words the door was open I didn't knock as I know the meter is by the back door I literally came face 2 face with him in my living room the contractors in my house were gobsmacked
  23. Update Adjourned till December while the ombudsman investogation is underway. Energy company were told you need to pay again as you have brought this before us while there is an ongoing investigation by the ombudsman
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