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  1. Surely first protocols after seeing boxes of medication stating "do not drive or operate machinery" Would have been a visit to occu health yet im still waiting
  2. Many thanks dj1971 will follow your advice up first thing tomorrow. As for acas they were told by respondests solicitor to butt out right from the start. Please dont think I want the easy options but they would have been ideal for myself eg acas finalize im not doing this for money. I want an apology have asked six times and never received. I was accused and suspended for a serious criminal offence. Had investigation which went to disciplinary. There the criminal charge was dropped. I have been accused of a thurther criminal offemce which was a misdoing and upon appeal got this dropped as they couldnt prove motive was there as there was no motive. Once thing I am considers in a freedom of information on the number of people with registered disabilities they employ there are a plc company so not sure if freedom of information is the right way to go about this. All along I have guided them as to my condition but refuse to give it to them on a plate. I have sleeping tablets they have seen them, I have anti depresents they have seen them, I have sedatives they have seen them. I also have knock out emergency pills for when I go temper out of control, never happened and no aggressivness ever been picked up on in work. I personally through maturity control any outburts. Although none of this medication has ever cause me to take a day off work as working is mu routine and my days are planned evening before
  3. Have just read up on this and it seems something I wish to consider although I am concerned that we are to close to the full merits hearing for this mediation now. I have exchanged documents, bundle is being prepared as of yet witness statements not been exchanged but as stated its rather soon. Although I will ensure I have a proof draft copy of bundle before disclosing my statements. My main concern with a full merits hearing and self representation is I have asperger syndrome, I refuse to disclose this to anyone as I refuse to be labelled I have learnt to deal with everyday situations. The paperwork has been no issue to me but the social aspect of representing myself I wont be able to do. Im at my wits end I cant afford a solicitor outright so nwnf is my only option. My employer the tribunal or anyone is unaware of my diagnosis and it will stay that way so asking for adjustments on grounds of disability will not be an option. I had no problem with the old manager but I have been totally misunderstood and targeted this time round.
  4. Many thanks for your advice. I am new to this process. Could you spare a few moments to tell me how your experience went that you mention and also judical mediation hearing how does this differ to full hearing are full awards still made. I will look into visiting another case but live in a rather rural area and neareat office is over 70 mile for thos reason my tribunal has been booked into a county court local to me civic centre as I raised concerns with the distance to travel.
  5. Whats put me off is I was informed in case management thats because there is a discrimination claim the final hearing will be infront of a full panel of three judges
  6. I have an ET coming up in october. I have exchanaged documents and witness statements are being exchanged next week. The claims I have submitted are Equal pay Sexual orientation discrimination Victimiaation and harrasment (equality act) I have done all this alone until now and the tribunal has set a 3 day hearing. Im up against a large national company who have has solicitors from day one. I have today had a meeting with solicitor who has accepted my case on a no win no fee charges at 35% plus vat. Im not sure if I have the confidence to represent myself in the tribunal. Whats it like?? Would you advise taking on the solicitor. Just for final hearing at such a high rate. I cant afford a solicitor unless its no win no fee Thanks in advance for advice guys
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