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  1. Many thanks for the letter that's great, I will do that ASAP. Will this be removed from my credit file?? How do I get the default date changed? As surely it's illegal to put a default 6 years from the last payment date?
  2. I think it's statute barred but not sure how to deal with it?
  3. How can I have defaulted on an agreement that in my mind ended when I paid the insurance money back in 2006. And defaulted in October 2012 when I haven't paid a penny since 2006!!! But long for a default to be register isn't it?
  4. Sorry to be clear I paid the value of the car (after it was written off) and they said I still owed money for the interest they would have earns for the rest of the term!!! Glorified loan sharks wish I never got involved with them but back then I needed a car and took the deal I got. Because it was so long ago I cannot find any paperwork regarding the insurance claim and the date it paid out but I know it was may 2006 and that was my last contact with them.
  5. 01/05/2013 debt assigned to CAIS member ( I received a letter today from dlc) on my report it still says welcome finance though. The letter says we have been unsuccessful in our attempts to contact you at a previous address and you've failed to notify us or our client that you have moved home. We have been forced to make enquiries on your whereabouts. Our sources have confirmed that you are now residing at this address. Please contact us without further delay to confirm how you propose to pay the outstanding balance. Says client: hills den securities ltd formerly welcome finance balance outstanding:£10784.53 Hope you can help me.... Thanks
  6. Hi I need help in possibly drafting a letter or my next action to remedy this situation. On 10/08/2005 I took out a Hire purchase agreement with welcome for a car at £370 per month, in March 2006 the car was written off and I claimed the full amount on insurance and paid this to welcome. They continued to request further payments from me the following month yet I told them as I didn't have the vehicle any longer and had paid them the vehicle value I wasn't going to pay another penny. I think the last contact I had was May 2006, but erring on the side of caution I can definitely say I haven't made a payment from 28/10/2006 (as I had my daughter then and moved). My credit record states that I haven't paid for over 5 years yet I've had no correspondence (until today from a debt collectors) And a default date registered on it as 28/10/2012??!! Are they allowed to do this? It states it's satisfied however that would mean the default will sta on my account for a further 6 years and this is simply not on. What do I do next? Please help - thanks in advance
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