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  1. we don't have statements at the moment, I have requested them, copies of all letters etc and also copies of recordings of all phone conversations
  2. Many thanks for all your replies. the store card was from Adams the now defunct childrens clothing company and the company that we are in dispute over this is Creation Finance, the alleged debt is for approx £350 ; the the credit rating site was Experian and the default date was 03/05/2012 sorry info a bit sketchy but this all blew up in last few days Regards Ron
  3. Hi CitizenB, many thanks for the fast response and the information. my daughter is certain that the balance was zero, the ppi was not requested but she has been with a ppi recovery company (XXXX) but they could not recover any ppi she had paid on this account as the card in question was taken out before 2005 (Ombudsmans decision)
  4. Hi can anyone help me on this issue, my daughter has been refused a mortgage as her credit rating has been affected by a store card that she had cleared her balance but was then charged ppi on her zero balance, is this legal??? many thanks Ron
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