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  1. Brief background: 1. Money claim issued against me on 05 July 2017 (over £5k, but less than £10k). 2. Acknowledgement of service filed in with CCBC (Northampton) 3. CPR 31.14 request made to Claiman's Sols 4. CPR 15.5 - Agreed extending deadline for submitting defence to 4pm on 28 August 2017 (next Monday) 5. Agreed Consent Order for dismissing the claim and no order for costs (see attached). 6. The Claimant's Sols agreed (by email!) to submit this to CCBC and pay the £100 application fee once signed by both parties (I am litigant in person, so CPR 40.6(2)(b} does
  2. I know it has been been a while since I was here, for the record - I did submit a "strike-out" N244 application and the judge agreed. He first reduced the claimant's claim to zero, then struck it out without further order when they were unable to produce anything. Success! This thread can now be moved to the "success stories" (;
  3. Interesting. That same approach with submitting a similar application seems to have worked when I submitted that with my HSBC credit card - I've got an order by the NCC judge striking out HSBC's claim. So, what should I do: 1. Submit an application to NCC to compell the Claimant to disclose these documents or strike out their claim without further order? 2. Submit my defence (see 2 questions below)? 3. Submit an application and a defence? If I need to submit a defence, do you have any notes/suggestions as to the text I proposed above, particularly the bold part (re: Cl
  4. The question I have asked above is whether it is more sensible to submit an application to the court (with attached draft order) compelling the Claimant to supply these documents or have their case struck out without further order. Could soneone address this and give me the reasons for/against please? If the above is possible, I won't be wasting my time any further with submitting a defence and, more importantly, this case won't reach my local county court as, like previous history on here would suggest, I've had big problems with in the past. It would also allow me to get a pr
  5. OK, I've send the solicitors the template Andy was kind enough to provide (I requested all the documents listed there), but, unsurprisingly, received no response from them at all, so I suspect that is good news. Question: Should I file a defence or should I make an application to the court compelling them to send me these documents (and ask the judge to strike out their claim if they don't) or both? If filing a defence is required, could someone assist me with preparing that please? By my calculations, if I need to submit my defence, it has to be received by the court no later than
  6. What letter? And what does the CCA has to do with anything? I'd like to know. Inspection and copying of documents 31.15 Where a party has a right to inspect a document– (a) that party must give the party who disclosed the document written notice of his wish to inspect it; (b) the party who disclosed the document must permit inspection not more than 7 days after the date on which he received the notice; and © that party may request a copy of the document and, if he also undertakes to pay reasonable copying costs, the party who disclosed the document m
  7. "post 10" doesn't address my question. That's all well and good, but it isn't what I asked, so, again: Is there a time limit by which the claimant's solicitors are required to respond to my 31.14 request? Anyone?
  8. Acknowledgement of service done, 31.14 request sent to claimant's solicitors via special delivery and that has been received by them the next day. Is there a time limit to which they are required to respond to this request?
  9. OK, got that, but anyone reading this thread can also read the scanned copy of what I enclosed, right? Anyway, thanks for adding the text to the original post (I still don't quite understand how that is better than enclosing the scanned copy but here we are...) What do you mean? What form should I ignore and why? I've never ever acknowledged anything online at all. If you mean the previous case with HSBC credit card debt, there I sent an acknowledgement of service (that was part of the claimform provided). So, again, should I send an acknowledgement of service? I
  10. Thanks dx. POC: I already attached a scanned copy containing those in my original post. Do I have to also retype these? I thought the whole point of scanning a copy and attaching it so that it saves me the typing, right? I also take it from the 31.14 template on this forum, I have to also send acknowledgement of service, correct? Finally, you state this is not covered by CCA, but the 31.14 request template makes quite a lot of references to it. Why is that? Sorry, hit "send" by mistake - the last payment date is on 20/May/2011.
  11. Name of the Claimant ? HPH 2 Date of issue? 28 June 2016 What is the claim for – 1.The Claim Is for the sum of £535.89 in respect of monies owing Pursuant to an overdraft facility under bank account no XXX 2.The debt was legally assigned by MKDP LLP [Ex:HSBC] to the claimant and notice has been served. 3. the defendant failed to repay overdrawn sums owing under the terms and conditions of the bank account. 4.THe Claimant claims: 1.The sum of £535.89 2.interest pursuant to s69 of the County Court Act 1984 at a rate of 8.00percent from the 24/05/11 to the dat
  12. An update that is long overdue - I have paid the amount stated in the claim in full (just under £3k) as I couldn't risk the court staff or the judge of my county court getting involved in any shape or form and messing things up. HSBC subequently discontinued the claim, filing Notice of Discontinuance (N279) - for which I have received a copy - stating that they discontinue all of their claim against me. So, that to me seems the end of the matter and I have not received any notice from the courts one way or another since. I would like to thank all who helped me with this
  13. Andy, isn't that supposed to be confidential?! Ignoring the consent order completely - my understanding is that if I pay this claim in full, including court costs and interest, the claim is no more. So what would happen to this claim - withdrawn, discontinued, dismissed? What?
  14. Got it. So, if I pay in full (including interest and court fees) the claim then will have to be ... what?
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