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  1. Still nothing from Know How. I have had a civilian investigator conduct a telephone interview with myself and he informed me that he would be recommending that Know How settle in full immediately[/u. This was over a week ago and still nothing from Know How. They really are the worst company we have ever had the misfortune to deal with. I fear this is heading to court as so many others have experienced. Someone needs to take them to task. Hopefully all our causes get some media attention to highlight this rogue trader and save other people experiencing this horrific nightmare.
  2. Lucy78 is quite right, I have contacted DSG today to ask why there has been no reply, I was hit with the name Garry Perryment, I queried as Lucy suggested whether this person exists, but the lady I spoke to a Shereene stated he does and claimed you cannot contact him with regards to any appeal, he works on his own and handles every appeal and as such can get very weighed down. I do not believe that one person handles all the appeals registered, looking at this forum there is so many it is not feasible of believable that one person will handle the appeals. I would suggest if he does then he is not giving due time and consideration to each appeal, which probably explains why so many of us have had such rubbish service, as I suspected originally I expect he just stamps DENIED and waits for the legal action before they take any form of notice. I still cannot believe the service we have all received!!! Even now there is no way of contacting the appeals department to find out anything, Whether they have received the appeal, what stage it is at or anything. Absolute rubbish.
  3. Thanks Lucy78, I have written to them to appeal their decision as I was told to do!! I was promised that they turn the appeals around and inform you of a decision within 48-72 hours - It is now one week later and nothing. Alas I think you are correct and I will have no option but to take legal action. They are the worst company I have ever had dealing with and my advice to everyone iNEVER TAKE ANY FORM OF POLICY WITH ANY OF THE DSG GROUPS.
  4. Hi, We purchased a HP laptop for my son June 2012 from Curry's in Bridgwater, we were talked into Whatever Happens policy as our son suffers from Dyspraxia and as such is unintentionally heavy handed and clumsy. We were told that it was perfect for him and the policy was so good that he could smash the laptop up infront of them and it would be exchanged without quibble or fuss - even better the laptop would be collected and delivered to our home address 9 Great we thought as we live 17 miles from the store. We signed up. In August 2013 a software issue occurred with the laptop, my son contacted Knowhow who attempted to solve the problem over the phone without success - They then told him he would have to take it to the store for collection and would not collect from our house. We attended the store and found out that it was a wasted journey as we were entitled to have it collected from our house and this would be quicker. Annoyed at the wasted journey we returned home, my son so annoyed got out of the car and fell causing the laptop to spill into the road, it was run over and damaged badly. I informed Knowhow of the extra damage and the fact it would never have occurred had we not been sent on a wild goose chase. We t:mad2:hen had a message left stating that they were not repairing or replacing the laptop as the damage was too excessive and not consistant with our account of the item being run over by several vehicles. I explained the fiasco which was directly attributable to their incomptetence and I was told to appeal which we have, I am not expecting anything other than a rejection. We have been completely missold the item and penalised for being honest and truthful. Most upsetting of all is their attitude towards my sons diability. This has to be the most blatent case of Misrepresentation and Advertising ever - Whatever Happens??? what a joke. Please can anyone give us any advice on where to go next????? Many thanks
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