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  1. I have just had a second unsuccessful attempt to resolve three issues relating to Elite Calls / Unicom via the Ombudsman. I’m a small business of less than 10 employees and desperate to avoid the huge fees I’m being threatened with. Issue one with a rolling contract termination fee requested by Unicom of £218.41. The contract started in June 2008. I was not aware it was a rolling contract (initially with Elite Calls) though Unicom did, after I had signed up and paid upfront with another telephone supplier, make me aware. Unable and unwilling to cancel a new supplier, I still moved away from Unicom. My repeated requests for evidence of a contract and T&C's went unheeded. Issue two with broadband: I agreed in September 2012, to two broadband services under the misapprehension that I was paying a single fee. The Ombudsman has ruled that this was my mistake as I only raised the issue upon receipt of my first bill, not within a cooling off period. Also, due to a technical fault, I had over four weeks with no broadband service on one of these lines. Unicom offered to terminate my contracts to settle, I agreed but just in settlement of the double fees issue and took my broadband supply elsewhere. I continued to request compensation for lack of supply. In doing so and pursuing matters as far as the Ombudsman, I forfeited the broadband termination and have now been given a termination fee of £1220. By trying to find justice, I’ve dug myself into an even deeper hole. Has anyone any actual experience – successful or not – of claiming these fees are unreasonable or unlawful? The ombudsman seems to think they are acceptable as per Unicom’s T&Cs. I have 14 days to agree to the Ombudsman's final ruling, if I choose to accept.
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