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  1. I have been trying to get this matter dealt with since 2010 but NatWest have either ignored every complaint lodged by me regarding this matter until lodged last complaint bout this in October 2013 now they have either provided me with different bank reference number relating to the same case or it gets assigned to new NatWest Investigator at different location - since October case assigned to 8 different Investigators located at London, Kent, Leicester then back to Kent with no sign of them actually trying to sort this matter out. The matter in question is after finally receiving requested Bank statements I noticed that some of the Bank Statements had different times or even dates logged for monies Deposited by me were not the same as the original Money Deposit Bank paying in slips. Even more annoying was the fact that most of these incorrect transactions by NatWest were either around times they were due to take their monthly payment out or some other direct debit that would then put me over my agreed overdraft limit hence NATWEST would then take additional charges because of the same. I've provided NatWest with several copies of evidence including copies of paying in slips as well as listing all the other discrepancies NatWest carried out in my Account. As NatWest neither contacted me or in my opinion even looked into this matter as there is a lot of documentation etc related to this matter so I emailed the top man via information I found on ur website. I received an immediate reply followed by a letter advising they had taken on the case and had passed it to a case manager called who then wrote to me saying he was investigating this and would get back to me with answers within next 10 days. As NatWest have to date tried to fob me off or convince me that evidence I've provided doesn't relate to my Account or that they were illegible I was hoping some kind person could tell me what I should do if it's rejected hoping to avoid FOS as need this sorted asap as struggling financially- though can't see how it could be rejected based on evidence I have. Finally I was asked by one of the more recent NatWest Investigator' s what amount would I deem as being acceptable to resolve this matter which I don't nor do I know how to go about working out the same. I know to add on monies incurred by me in this matter but that's it. Would be very grateful if someone could give me an idea of amount I should give them or how I work out the amount
  2. I intend seeing this complaint through this time but when I write my letter to Council advising them of my intentions should I mention or give them chance to provide me with an explanation as to why they had taken those pictures of me, why Council employees opinions were being asked for, why certain Council employees were more or less asking other departments to mention in their reports things that the had seen or witnessed for example loads of dog poo which was not true so that Council could then use this against me and either issue me with a formal Notice or Eviction documentation or to get another chance to harass me with appointments to check property etc which they have done in the past without any reason or justification as it was found out was the case in most of these matters
  3. Personally I think they hadn't realised it had been included as most comments are totally blackened out which leads me to another question plus as much as I hate the Council the Council hate me - probably due to fact that I take no sh1t from them. To be honest I am tired of making complaints about being victimised and constantly harassed as the Council just brush them aside and either pretend they never received them in the first place or counteract an allegation against me which then side tracks me away from my complaint and due to my disability I then forget about it until its too late Also the last time I dealt with the LGO she was useless and did absolutely nothing except lose all the photographic evidence I had provided her with which I believe was on purpose as my complaint was very complex and they wanted easy way out of it so my dealings with the LGO are not good as I do not have any faith in them whatsoever When someone is working for the Council and it involves you surely their comments and information they provide cant be deemed as being protected and removed from view as it involves Council matters and me does that not give me the right to see what was said or what information they provided that related to me
  4. Spy moi never what gives you that idea lol To b honest with u Silverfox 1961 I am always being investigated for one reason or another hence is one of the reasons why I believe they torture me continually - don't get me wrong I can be a right b***h at times and give as good as I get. Plus I tell it how it is which sometimes doesn't go down too well specially with certain Council employees. But regardless of this I do not understand why one of the Council Manager's asked for another Council Departmental Employee to give his opinion of me as not only is that irrelevant but also fact that would you expect me to be any less than angry and annoyed specially as week before same department came out on a surprise visit to check my garden etc as it was alleged it had dog poo all over it which it did not nor ever has had after their spot check visit they told me the same person - I know who it is that constantly reported me though touch wood they have not done so for some time now - had already reported me at least 6 times all of their allegations were incorrect, untrue and were done out of spite the Council employee even said they were writing to them to say that if they sent in another false allegation action would be taken against them as all they have done is waste Council time, money and resources for some vendetta they had against me. Would you b welcoming and happy to see them back at your door even though you already told them - and from documents supplied by Council the Council Employee who called told them they had already checked - that an inspection had already been done. Another thing I have noted in the Council documents is that the Housing Department seem to coerce and hint for other employees or departments to make a comment that provides the housing team with reason to write and threaten me with something From what I can gather by looking at the pictures they seem to have been taken from inside a car or when driving passed in a car or from shared entry way into my garden The long and short of it is can I do anything to show them that Ive had enough and if they don't stop once and for all the sh1t will hit the fan All I want is to be left alone as I keep myself to myself and don't bother with anyone apart from my kids and close family friends
  5. Thank you for your kind offer any kind of help would be brilliant especially at the minute - due to very serious RTA many years ago - apparently miracle I survived but as my nana always said U cant kill a bad thing lol - as I have not been very well
  6. Thank you for taking the time to give me your insight into this matter I am like you baffled and at a complete loss as to why they had these photographs in their possession. As for investigating me well they always seem to be doing that for some reason or another hence why I have had enough of the constant harassment and eviction threats the Council come up with but never carry out probably based on them never occurring to begin with. I know they were really peed off when I got this property as I am sure it had been earmarked for someone either within Council or a relation of theirs any way to cut long story short they have been constantly intimidated me etc since the day and hour I moved in As for why certain Council officials asked other Departmental Council Employees what they thought of me and for them to keep their opinion on file is strange as what they think of me etc is totally irrelevant wouldn't you say. Then of course I got the other employees who called me a name or two in some of the documentation which if nothing else made me laugh when I read it I know for a fact that the information they have provided me with is only the tip of the iceberg so I will take your advice and start drafting my letters to Council and ICO. Thank you so much for replying and hope 2014 brings you nothing but joy, good luck, fortune & health and may you want for nothing ANNA
  7. Hi all hope everyone had great Xmas and 2014 brings everyone all they need, wish, hope or could want I was hoping to some enlightenment with regards what is allowable and deemed acceptable for Councils to be able to do Reason for question is I have been harassed, intimidated, threatened and bullied by 2 - 3 Council employees since moving into this Council house and the last letter and action taken by Council was last straw so I asked them to provide me with every single piece of information they held about me or I was mentioned or associated in such information via Subject Access Request route. Credit where credit is due they provided me with a bit of the information requested but nowhere near all of the information they hold based on my own documentation and other evidence although they state what they sent me is all they hold. Any way my question relates to after quickly glancing through the information they sent me I noticed quite a few photographs had been taken of me and certain possessions of mine without my knowledge or permission as they would have not been able to take some of the pics without going through the entryway and opening my back gate or taking pictures while standing in the entry taking pictures over my back gate. Can they take such pictures without either asking you if it is ok or at least informing you that they have or are going to carry out the same. Notwithstanding the above although it is quite bemusing a number of Council employees have either been asked to give their opinion on what they thought of me or gave it freely is there anything I can do about this as I do not know why or what relevance would need to get their opinions on me and keep them on my file Many thanks
  8. Thank u for that information received email from someone else, who until now I have never heard or dealt with. British Gas advised me that one of their employees would be assigned to my complaint and any correspondence with me nobody else now apparently he has taken over and reviewed the matter and advised me that apparently a clause within their Terms & Conditions Booklet states they cannot be held liable or responsible for any appliances regardless of fault. As since switching to British Gas I have never been provided with this Booklet nor any other documentation or literature from British Gas but surely a clause like that would be illegal if they are to blame for causing the damage TBH I get the feeling that this bloke is not only a chancer he don't know his ass from his elbow excuse the language really riles me when he thinks that everyone is as thick as champ (Irish saying) meaning completely stupid thank u again for taking the time to read and reply to my thread it is very much appreciated and means a lot
  9. Good question all I was told when the man came out to check the appliances is that he said it was due to the appliances being in the middle of a power surge or something like that and when the electric meter tripped the entire electricity supply including plugs, lights etc it did something to mechanism or something like that all I know is that everything was working fine then when this fault started occurring some did not work at all and others do work but not way they used to eg freezer now needs defrosting every week whereas before it was no more than 2 times a year, microwave gets to certain time ie 27 seconds and then turns off so u have to try and ensure it passes that timescale otherwise it will continue to cut out after that length of time. After their engineer came out not only did he, a customer service advisor and the person dealing with this matter advise and confirm this was the case but the latter sent me an email asking me to provide them with the appliances that had broken etc so she could deal with my request for them to reimburse, repair or replace them as fault lay with them. I am probably wrong but to me that email admits responsibility for the damage as prior to the engineers report all she wanted was dates times etc of when incidents occurred what the meter said what lights if any appeared or came on etc. She did advise that if BGas were found to be at fault they would request additional information about the appliances like she has done
  10. Thank u for both your thoughts on what actions to take and also for taking the time to reply means a lot so thank u again very much
  11. Hi sorry to bother you but I needed a bit of advice on what to do regarding British Gas prepayment electric meter causing damage to all kitchen appliances - some work but not how they used to and others are completely broken down which being disabled are necessities to me. The sequences of the matter are as follows:- After 3 - 5 times of my electric meter [despite being in credit] tripping or without warning cutting off all electricity power to my property and following the damage it caused to my appliances in doing so I wrote a Letter of Complaint to British Gas advising them of the incidents that had occurred and the damage caused due to the same British Gas replied very quick, so credit where credit due, and following a few emails and telephone conversations sent an electrical engineer out to investigate the case - my son in law works as an electrical engineer for EON and having checked all plugs, electrical appliances, main electricity circuits but not the electric meter in case any repercussions came of him doing although he advised that as far as he could see it could only be the prepayment meter that was the cause of the issues and appliance damages. British Gas Engineer came out and confirmed cause was old prepayment meter and immediately replaced it with a new meter he could not transfer the remaining credit shown on old meter onto new one but advised soon as I put credit on new key British Gas would transfer the credit amount owed to me from the old meter immediately. Of Course this never happened. When appointment was initially made Complaints Handler dealing with my matter also confirmed that i f the fault was found to be in any way related to any British Gas equipment or incorrect installation etc then they would pay for the repair and replacement of any or all the appliances damaged caused by the same Following Engineers visit received email from Complaints Advisor from British Gas who was handling this case to ask me a number of questions about the damaged appliances which in my opinion is there an admission of guilt but my opinion wont be British Gas' opinion. I provided the information required without delay and received an out of office at the minute email from Complaint Handler On 06.11.13 received email from someone else firstly advising the complete opposite of what was initially told by person who had been dealing with this matter from the beginning as well as confirming that British Gas would not nor could be held liable for the replacement or repair of my appliances as per their Terms and Conditions Booklet which I have never been provided with by British Gas. I had complained in 2012 about the electric meter but nothing was ever done about it by British Gas can this fact be used as evidence relating to the current matter I have kept all emails etc received in 2012 matter so can prove it to be correct also when engineer advised me that the fault was with British Gas electric meter there were 5 other people in my house at that time none of which are related to me Regardless of everything he offered me £25 to end this matter and I am in the process of telling him what he can do with this offer in polite terms of course My question is what should I do next ie Fight them or Give up . Need to let them know right away what I intend doing and whether I accept their resolution offer although personally I know what I would like to tell them not politely what or where they can shove their offer In the meantime kindly note that when I was coerced into switching to British Gas what I was advised about with regard charges, prices and other matters I have only recently found out was nor is not correct therefore I believe I was mis-lead into switching from previous supplier by the door to door British Gas salesman when he sold me his company on my doorstep something I was not sure whether to include in my reply to British Gas' last email set out briefly above
  12. Urgently need someone to check if the above is acceptable, correct or complete and utter bull poo and if latter what would u suggest I write in for Question 10 Ive been trying to get required information since found out bout this on 0608.13 and its taken me to now plus got some help from another website but due to RTA had to have 2brain ops as result of the same I'm now registered disabled and one of my problems is I forget things easily and unless things are simplified or more or less I am told what to do or write I find it hard to take things in and get confused. If I am honest I went to the first google suggestion for a help group that could help me but I was made feel like a fool and laughed at by some of it members which is understandable and partly my fault as I did not explain about my RTA and disabilities but I have asked them over weekend to check the above and let me know as if it was ok as the other parts of the N244 they had helped me fill in but to date no one has replied although they knew my position so a bit upset bout but not a lot I can do apart from throw myself at this site's mercy and hope I get the help I need to sort this mess out I posted information in the wrong section of this so if u would like to look in Legal Section Forum u should find info there r ask me and I will try and provide the information u need Have to go to Court today and hand this in but until I know the above is ok and I wont make a complete gob****e of me and my mate I'm trying to help I cant complete and hand deliver it and HCEO back to take goods tomo Firstly thank u to all who try to help me with this I very much appreciate what u are doing. I inserted my first thread regarding this matter in wrong section - Legal Forum so if u need any insight into what this is all about u can check it out there or just ask me and I will try to answer any questions you may have although I don't have any information as never knew or received documentation or Court paperwork about this Claim until HCEO arrived at my friend's workplace - just started renting and trying to get custom and work from renting this premises meant to be garage although more like shed down an alleyway plus does not own premises or name associated with premises which has been there for last 14 years that's length of time I have lived round these parts. Loads of other Tenants before my mate with last one being taken on sort of speak to help my mate learn ropes but had to be given boot for acting as he was still renting premises and all that went with it I am bit worried about what I have put in Question 10 as I was told I had to go into more detail of reasons I was making this Application as set out in Question 3 of the N244 and I was wondering , hoping and praying to boss man up above if I am perfectly honest that someone who knows what they are doing and talking about could check over what I was going to put in as information relating to Question 3 in Question 10 and tell me if it what I am meant to be inserting and is what the Courts want in that section or whether its complete bull poo (excuse the pun) and not at all what I should be inserting. I have to bring this to Court today as HCEO returning tomorrow to makes rented premises to take goods that are either related to premises he is renting, his work tools or his uncle's and other friends and relatives who have been helping him out to try and establish himself in these premises in hope he can go on and set up this kind of business for himself As suggested by someone else they said to put in for Question 3 that I was making a Stay of Execution Application and not having Case set aside which I originally thought I was doing but they know better than I do. They suggested my reasons for this Application were based on the following: 1 -I had no knowledge about any of this matter until HCEO turned up with Notice of Seizure and Inventory which he then handwrote in goods he would be coming back to take if I did not pay amount alleged I owed 2 - It appears the wrong person or entity has been named 3 - The HCEO is threatening to remove goods which are needed for the business 4 - The HCEO is threatening to remove goods which are the property of a 3rd party 5 - Pending determination of a (Variation Order/Set Aside) Application - not sure whether to put this one in or delete it any suggestions 6 - I cannot afford the fees demanded, the HCEO has not provided me with a breakdown of his figures Then for Question 10 I added the following but I put them on a separate sheet of A4 paper and not in the box provided for Question 10 STATEMENT OF TRUTH RELATING TO CASE NO.: (1) It wasn’t until the HCEO turned up at my workplace on the 06.08.13 that I was made aware of this matter as up to that date I had never received any information or was served with or sent any Claimant or Court documentation whatsoever relating to the Claim or Court Proceedings in respect of the same. Even up to and including the date the Statement of Truth was signed by me namely the 16.08.2013, the only Documentation I have in my possession relating to this matter was the Notice of Seizure and Inventory Form the HCEO provided me with on the 06.08.2013 after he had listed on the said Notice the items he intended to take upon his return to clear the amount the Claimant has alleged I owe. If I had known about this matter or had received or had been served with the relevant paperwork I would have been able to file the papers required by the Court which in this case would have been Form N9A and N9B as I believe I do owe the Claimant's Company monies in the region of no more than £500 but not the amount the Claimant has alleged I owe The Claimant has never made me aware of any Court Proceedings or that the amount they alleged I owed was outstanding in fact regardless of my continued and numerous requests to the Claimant's Company to provide me with a total breakdown of my Customer Account to be set out an all their Invoice Statements I was now asking for these being from the initial setting up of my Account to the present day I rang These requested Invoice Statements were to include all payments made by me as well as showing the dates any monies was credit to my account relating to the many parts that I had returned unused or incorrectly sent by the Claimant. To date none of my requests have been carried out by the Claimant’s Company and they continue to send me out Statements with payments omitted or partly erased so that all that is showing is the alleged amount owed by me However according to the last Customer Invoice Statement I received from the Claimant it states that the amount payable to clear the debt owed to them and which is to be paid by the 12.08.13 is £0.00 (2) I rang Northampton County Court Bulk Centre who granted the Judgement Order on the 24.07.2103 and spoke to Hilda whom I advised that until I did not know nor had ever been served with or received any Court or Claimant's paperwork relating to this Claim as if I had I would have filled in the relevant and required sections and returned it to them by way of my defence but due to not knowing or receiving this paperwork I was unable to do so therefore prohibiting me from making representation of my defence to the Claimant's Allegation as by Law I was entitled to do. As a result of the above I now had to try and make an Application for a Stay of Execution which I was unable to do as it required certain information relating to providing the name or names of the person who had issued to Writ in the first instance and the only paperwork I had in my possession relating to this matter when the HCEO officer turned up at my work place and advised me that a Court Order had been enforced which until then I was not aware existed as well as hand me a Notice of Seizure and Inventory Form after inserting by hand a list of goods that he would be taking if I did not pay the amount owed or the Stay of Execution I was making an application for was not presented to or awarded by the Court when he returned on the 20.08.13. I re-iterated again to Hilda the fact that as I was never aware of this Court Claim or Order nor did I ever received any paperwork including the Writ of Execution I could not answer some of the Questions on the Form one of those questions being the name of the person who had issued the Writ in the first instance therefore as I did not know or have this information I asked if she could provide me with their name After checking the paperwork relating to this matter that was in her possession she advised me that the name of the person who initially issued the Writ had been omitted from any documentation relating to this Claim she advised that she assumed it was either the Claimant or their Solicitors but could not confirm that this information was correct. She also advised me that the Court paperwork had been sent to the business address that I was trading under. I advised her that I had only just within the last 6 months taken over renting the premises and did not own the same nor the business name associated with the premises she advised me that the Claimant had advised the Court that I was trading as a Limited Company under the garage’s name and premises. I told her that this information provided by the Claimant with incorrect information as I did not own the business nor the associated garage name listed as being under. I was able to confirm to Hilda that there have been at least 7 previous tenants before me who had also rented these premises before me and I knew that at least one of them also had a Customer Account with the Claimant's Company and that he had been using the same up until and as far as I was aware even after I had taken over renting the premises from him. I believe that the Claimant may have in error added his Account Balance to mine which is how the Claimant came up with the amount it is alleged I owe (3) The Goods and Items listed by the HCEO on the Notice of Seizure and Inventory Form which he is threatening to remove from the premises rented by me on Tuesday 20th August 2013 are essential and required by me for all my work needs and without the same I would not be able to continue working either self-employed or employed in a workplace and would therefore be unable to continue to survive on my basic living needs without these items (4) Any other Goods and/or Items listed on the above mentioned Seizure Notice threatening to be removed by the HCEO on the 20.08.2013 are the belongings of certain other third party members and do not belong to me. Again without these Items or Goods those third parties would not be able to continue working or surviving without these Items or goods as they are their work tools or items that they, like myself, require to try and survive within their basic living needs (5) Unsure if meant to erase this point altogether as set out in Question 3 and numbered the same or the part not needed so don't know whether to delete part not required, although don't know which one that is or to delete this point in Question 3 completely. If only meant to delete Application not intending to Apply for which one is it and how do I elaborate and explain it in more detail in Question 10 (6) As I have only recently taking over the renting of these premises I have not been able to build up enough custom or money to be able to afford to pay the HCEO fees he demanded nor has he provided me with either an explanation nor a complete breakdown of how their charges and fees were reached --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STATEMENT OF TRUTH (I believe) (The Applicant believes) that the facts stated in this section (and any continuation sheets) are true: Signed -------------------------------------------------------- Dated --------------------------------------------------------- Applicant’s Solicitor’s / Litigation Friend FULL NAME ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NAME OF APPLICANT’S SOLICITOR’S FIRM -------------------------------------------------------------------------- POSITION OR OFFICE HELD ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (if signing on behalf of Firm or Company ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. Hi I am new to this Forum and am in need of help and advice regarding my friend first being made aware of Court Order Granted by Court when HCEO arrived to advice of the same and then hand him with Notice of Seizure & Inventory Form after entering work premises he rents. A lot of wrong doings from never knowing being served or sent Court paperwork regarding Court Proceedings, Information given and provided by Claimant firstly he was a Limited Company, only started renting property 5 months ago and is working as self-employed or sole trader (I believe to be case regarding latter) does not own business nor title of business that's been with premises for long as can remember 15 years and numerous different tenants having rented premises in that time. Claimant amount claimed is totally incorrect. From finding out about above on 06.08.13 been given run around by Courts as to who or what to do and where to do it. Got until 20.08.13 to issue Stay of Application to don't know which Court as no Court knows who issued the Writ and am having trouble filling N244 in. Ive inserted following for Question 3 1 - I had no knowledge of any of this until the HCEO turned up 2 - It appears the wrong person or entity has been named 3 - The HCEO is threatening to remove goods which are needed for the business 4 - The HCEO is threatening to remove goods which are the property of a 3rd party 5 - Pending determination of a (Variation Order/Set Aside) Application - not sure whether to put this one in or delete it any suggestions 6 - I cannot afford the fees demanded, the HCEO has not provided me with a breakdown of his figures Im assuming from Question 10 the above have to be elaborated on though I am not sure what to put in as form of elaboration All or any help to filling in the above in the N244 would be gratefully appreciated. One final thing I am going to bring completed form to Court on Monday but Birmingham say have to bring to Northampton where original County Court Judgement was made but not sure can afford costs to get there is there no way I could file this in Birmingham and get it dealt with their as I live in that area
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