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  1. I pay £72.00 per month to ace gifts and cards I pay£70 per week to provident. All other debts are gone now, that's why i am upset and don't want to go into bad debt now. The provident lady split the money into two three separate loans as she said she couldn't do it all as one?
  2. Provident lady knew i had existing debts. said my repayments to provident would be cheaper. gave me the money i paid my debts. at the time my monthly income was substantially higher and i could make these repayments. now i don't even get 1/3 of the money, but to be fair when loan was taken there was no security on that, she included my dla which i no longer have. so its not like i was working. in fact shes helped to put me in twice as much debt
  3. I had a charge a few times for default, but had removed as there error not mine? so does that mean i will be paying this forever? the bill never goes down? in theory idhave to pay the £70 plus £40 to even make a dent?
  4. I have a problem with provident personal credit could some one please help me? I needed to pay some debts off, so the not so friendly agent signed me up to about 2-3 thousand pounds in debt! since then my income had drastically changed! and I cant afford £300.00 per month. my income is less than half it was, I don't want it to go to a collection agency, nor do I want to be listed as a bad debtor. but im getting into a right state and making myself ill over this, can some one please help me?
  5. Hi , I have a catalogue called ace gifts and cards, I have had this since 2011. my outstanding debt is about £2k I pay every month without fail, but my bill never goes down! I pay £70.00, then next month they add a service charge on of £40, so I only in theory paid £30.00! This is most annoying, my account hasn't gone to debt recovery yet, and im trying not to let it, but this is really financially breaking me, please can someone help me very desperate here . kindest regards to all..
  6. can someone please help? my account with ace has not yet been passed to debt recovery. but I cant afford near on £100 per month , have been paying since 2011. can I claim back service charges? and cant find templates to use on here?
  7. Hi just wondering as my account is not in debt. i pay monthly of £100 per month incuding service and admin charge. Can i still claim against this ? Or do i have to let myself get into debt to i can claim this? Also what template do i need?
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