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  1. Thank you all for your replys. I have another problem now. I sent the court the certificate of cancelation form plus my bank statement with a stamp from the bank showing that i payed the entire amount within one month plus the postal order of 15£. I got a a letter back from the court saying that they returned all my papers because i need to provide proof from the claimants that i payed . ( i guess my bank statements are no good ). Now.. what proof should i provide? The person who i payed is individual and not a company and i am not in a good relation with him. He is not an
  2. Ok got it. I think i will send the fee plus certificate of cancelation. .... just to be sure .... Good ideea going to the bank for the stamp on the bank transfers. Thanks a lot for your advice. Adrian
  3. Ok. But how does the court knows that i payed? I made a bank transfer directly to the other person. I have proof from my bank statements. I mean.. what should i do now? Send a letter to the court, make a phone call ( i hope i dont have to do this .. because no one is answering ) or send the form for certificate of cancelation? Thank you Adrian
  4. I tried to ring the court and i left the phone waiting for 2 hours and no one was there to answer.. I tried for a week at different hours.. I will do the postal order since i think it is the easiest way. One more thing... Since i already payed all amount and i am in the first month i guess the CCJ is not registered on my name yet. So do i still have to send that cancelation form? Thanks a lot
  5. So i should put the money inside the envelope along with Form completed for certificate of cancellation + proof that i payed the debt?
  6. Hi all I am having trouble finding where do i have to pay that 15£ fee for certificate of cancelation for a CCJ. I payed the entire amount in the first month ( i am still in the first month). I want to send that for for certificate of cancellation plus the evidence that i payed but i dont know where should i pay that fee. Please advice. thank you
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