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  1. I have had one from gpb solicitors asking for £278. it actually took me a few hours to even realise who Aska Professional were as I asked a quick question months ago, got no response and cancelled straightaway. I had forgotten about it completely until now.
  2. Hello I have been caught out in exactly the same way: cancelled within 24 hours via PayPal, never heard anything from them and now have a demanding solicitors' letter for £278. But when I contacted Paul Careless politely explaining the situation he miraculously sent me the answer to my initial question (no screen shot though, funny that) and won't accept a one-off payment of £19. I have not been as lucky as some of you guys - help!! This is stressing me out and I have a feeling it won't go away
  3. Hello I have been in exactly the same situation: heard nothing from them, cancelled via PayPal within 24 hours then received solicitors' letter demanding £278. I contacted Paul Careless who sent me an email with the reply to my initial question (which I NEVER received). He will not accept a one-off payment of £19. Have no idea why not as it seems that the last few posters did this and were successful. I was polite etc but he turned this down. Will of course not pay a penny but what now?
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