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  1. Dealer was meant to ring us back today to see what he was going to do after speaking to his mechanic and hasn't so tomorrow we are going to the garage to advise we are rejecting the car unless he repairs it. Is there a template letter I should be using for the rejection? It's also come to our notice that the car has been sold to us with an outstanding safety recall which they were not allowed to do.
  2. Our garage confirmed it's very likely the gear box is indeed shot. Taken back to the dealer yesterday who wanted it in his garage this morning. His mechanic agreed after looking that the gearbox is bad so having gone back to the dealer he is now saying that f1 autos have broke the gearbox ( they only test drive it) and he was going to speak to his mechanic. I got the feeling he isn't going to do anything and he is still not accepting the car back. Our part exchange car is sat in his garage minus a gearbox as we speak.
  3. It's not 2004 I got that wrong it's a 55 plate. To update our garage believes the gearbox is shot and needs a replacement box, contacted the dealer who wants it in their garage tomorrow first thing. So that's where we are at the moment, otger half is going to sit in their garage tomorrow while they look at it.
  4. Thanks for the advise, I know we shouldn't expect a new water pump or gearbox however in relation to the water pump there would have been no water in the whinge or very little as as soon as it got into any traffic queue it overheated and would have blown the engine. The pump was so bad that when we did put water in it it dipped then run out of the pump. If there was water in it at the forecourt we would have seen it after the short test drive.
  5. Values of the car on honest john indicating cars value. It was priced on forecourt at £1475. Presumably with fake service it would have been worth less? Repairs total as far as £400+ 2 days after purchase. It's going to the garage as we speak to see what the fault is with 5th gear.
  6. It's a 2004 toyota corolla verso 4d4 diesel should have been £1495 but paid £875 plus had £600 off p/x for my swift. Mileage is 140k on the clock but had a second engine a year ago.
  7. Well in that case the dealership is called Vb car sales in kirkby and their garage who put the service stamp in the book is called vb smart service based in Nottingham.
  8. The dealership is indeed a small 3 man band in the village I live in so I don't really want to say their name as it could be incredibly outing and they also own a garage in the city where the service was stamped before we viewed the car. We have already paid £511 for the water pump and timing kit to be changed as was adhered to change the timing belt die to potential contamination of coolant degrading the belt. We don't intend to claim for the belt so the cost of the pump was around £400. We don't have a quote for current gearbox problem yet and don't want to sell the car as once it's done it should be a good motor.
  9. My husband brought a car and part exchanged his as part of the deal. The car was brought on the 15/5 and a fault became apparent the day after. While sat in traffic the engine overheating light came on as did the check oil light and upon inspection we found there to be no oil in the car aswell as no water. My husband refilled the oil and coolant levels and it was very clear that the car was losing water rapidly. We took it to our trusted car mechanic who diagnosed that the water pump had gone on the engine. Knowing this we contacted the used car dealer where we brought the car and they wanted us to give them the car for inspection in their garage ( to which they said they probably wouldn't cover it as the warranty was for engine and gearbox only.) We didn't want to take it back to them as it appears they falsely stamped the service book with their garage stamp as services should include change of oil filters and fresh engine oil which wasn't done and also they said we could not have a refund because they had to replace the gearbox and clutch on our p=x car and that if we wanted to go down that route we now owed them more for repairs to the p/x car. (We had told them about the clutch as that is what we were told was wrong with it). We got the water pump changed at our cost with the intention that we would try and get a partial refund or start court proceedings however yesterday 2/6 5th gear is jumping out of gear under any acceleration. Does anyone know where I stand with what's happened prior to yesterday and also yesterday as to whether I must let them repair/look at the car or whether I can get it repaired and claim later? The garage owner was aggressive and am quite worried about returning.
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